Hydraulic small oil drum carrier at best seller in china

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Product Introductions of Oil Drum Carriers
 The oil bucket truck can lift, transport, rotate, tilt and drain the full oil bucket. Double-protection fingerstall lock ensures the balance of the lifted oil drum. Lock the oil drum vertically to prevent overflow or horizontally to prevent oil from draining from the air nozzle. When unlocking the lock, the oil drum can be repeatedly rotated to stir the oil inside and can be manually fixed at any angle. With 8 "polyurethane wheels with roller bearings and 4" steering casters, it is very easy to move and steer. Package separately during transportation to save freight.

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 Features of Oil Drum Carriers
 1. General purpose carrier for iron barrel and plastic barrel, easy to use.
 2. The bucket hoop is equipped with a movable wheel, which is convenient for the bucket to rise without damaging the bucket.
 3. Oil bucket olecranon is made of high quality steel and durable.
 4. Surface spray treatment, wear-resistant, good gloss
 1.Alloy steel chuck
 High strength alloy steel chuck, anti-corrosion
 Handling, triple load-bearing design, lifting
 High safety performance.
 2.High Strength Manganese Steel Main Rod
 The main rod is made of high strength manganese steel and chromium plated.
 Treatment, High Strength, Bending Resistance and Safety
 3.Strong chassis
 Heavy Steel Pipe, Strong Steel Frame
 High Strength Car Body to Ensure Heavy Load Stability
 Fixed, not easy to deform.

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