Economy 3.2ton mechanical bottle screw jack for lifting

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Product Introduction

 This jack is suitable for railway vehicle repair, mining, construction engineering 
 support and general weight lifting and down. Due to carry portable, easy to 
 maintenance, the use of safe and reliable, it is widely used in the liquidity of the 
 lifting operation. Such as railway vehicle replace shaft, steel beam structure 
 installation support, hull keel or other heavy machines assembly, car tyres and 
 conversion and all heavy objects can be lifting safety and reliability of the products 
 to lifting purpose.
 1.Our screw jack has simple and compact structure.
 2.Our screw jack is lightweight and easy to carry.
 3.Our screw jack is easy to maintain, safe and reliable to use.
 4.Our screw jack is ideal large-tonnage mechanical jack with a large lifting weight.

 1.Precise details, grooves of piston rod avoids slipping, keeping high efficiency
 2.Overall iron casting jack, high compatibility, durable
 3.Superior materials, precise ratchet, durable

Use method:
 1.Before use, need to add oil, oil hole on the crank handle. In order to ensure better use of results.
 2.According to the weights the weight of reasonable selection of appropriate tonnage Jack, do not overload use.
 3.The first step is to ensure the landing base level. The height of the jack is lower than the height you want to lift.
 4.Insert the handle into the handle hole and move the handle up and down. If there is a sound, turn the switch 180 degrees (the marked part of the graph is pressed down), shake the handle up and down, the weight will rise. When the red line appears on the elevator, stop the handle immediately.
 5.If you want to decline, turn the switch 180 degrees, shake the handle up and down, the weight began to decline.



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