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Structure of Screw Jack
1.Nice material
 One-piece ball milled cast iron body, high temperature and high frequency quenching
 treatment, durable
 2.Stable performance
 Whether it is in the hot sun or cold weather  does not affect the use
 3.New process
 Innovative casting process using ductile iron technology
 4.Paint appearance
 After multilayer primer baking the paint layer is thick, not easy to strip paint effective anti-corrosion and wear-resistant not easy to rust

Screw Jack2-2.jpg

 Details of Screw Jack
 1.Ratchet bite tightly, not easy to remove teethlong lasting, High
 temperature quenching, strong toughness, Forged umbrella teeth, tightly engaged
 2.Red is the warning line. do not cross when using. Non slip threaded
 top plate, Upper and lower chassis are subjected to high temperature
 quenching High strength, high hardness, buit-in empty slot
 3.Upper and lower chassis are subjected to high temperature
 quenching. High strength high hardness, bulletin empty slot
 4.Humanized handle design, easy to carry

Application of Screw Jack
 Widely used in a variety of situations, such as factory work, construction support bridge pier and so on
 It can be used as vehicle maintenance, mine, construction support and general lifting and lowering of heavy objects

 Our Service
 1. We have professional technical team focus on developing and quality assurance.
 2. We do strict quality inspection before shipment.
 3. Our jack warranty is 1 year.
 4. With years' experience, we have superior product line.