8 Ton Mechanical Screw Jack Widely used in Factories

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 Description of Screw Jack
 1.Can only be used upright or horizontal, can not be tilted.
 2.Turn the switch180 degrees, and then try to shake up.
 3.Jack must be put on heavy objects, there will be pressure, will rise up.
 4.Look at the groove and the key sheath of the lifting tube whether is separated, if separated, please adjust, then shake up and down to see if it can rise.
 5.Strength of jack: QL Screw Jack is a new series of national stereotypes. It has the strength of compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient carrying, can stand upright and horizontal.at the same time, Jack‘s parts are( Lift tube is) NO.45 heat treatment, improve the internal quality of parts, the use of performance, extend the service life of parts, improve product quality. Especially the  ratchet and gear are forged, making the parts within the organization more closely, strong, solid. The force part of the jack is not in the shell, it is inside the components.
 6.Weakness of jack: Lifting speed is slow
 7.Test: The products were delivered after three inspections. Every component is tested. The last step in the process is to roll down the screw, that is, to test the product, to confirm the quality of good after delivery. 

Details of Screw Jack
 1. Light weight and convenient carrying.
 2. Simple maintenance, safe and reliable use.
 3. Simple structure, but low transmission efficiency and slow return.
 4. The lifting weight is large, is the ideal large tonnage mechanical jack

 This jack is suitable for High-speed rail / railway / subway / warehouse construction and bridge installation / mine / construction engineering / Car replacement wheels and so on.