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Production Description
Spiral jack, also known as mechanical jack, is driven by human through screw pairs, with screw or nut sleeve as lifting parts. ordinary screw jack supports heavy objects by thread self-locking, which is simple in structure, but low in transmission efficiency and slow in return. The threads of the self-lowering screw jack have no self-locking effect and are equipped with brakes. Relax the brake, the weight can drop quickly by itself, shorten the return time, but the jack structure is more complex. Spiral jack can support heavy objects for a long time. Its maximum lifting weight has reached 100 tons, and it is widely used. When the horizontal screw is installed at the lower part, the weight can also be transversely moved at a small distance.

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 1.Steel is thicker and heavier than ordinary jacks.
 The safety of Jack cover makes it difficult to cause
 An accident occurred when the top cover was broken.
 2.Safety factor and life expectancy, great enhancement has been achieved.
 3.Integral form top body, ensure top body
 The structure is stable, the top body does not break, and is strong and durable.
 4.The ratchet is closely occluded, not easy to remove teeth, and has a long service life with high efficiency.
 5.The base is smooth and smooth with stable placement.

Matters needing attention
 1. Always keep the body surface clean, regularly check the internal structure is in good condition, make the rocker pinion flexible and reliable and lifting sleeve lifting freely.
 2. The friction surface between the lifting sleeve and the shell must be oiled at any time, and other oil injection holes should be oiled regularly.
 3. In order to consider the safety in use, avoid overload and work with diseases, and do not use multiple sets to avoid danger.


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