Manual Operated Hydraulic Adjustable Vertical Screw Jack for Railway

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Product Introduction
 Screw jack is driven by human force through screw pair, and screw or nut sleeve is used as jacking piece. 
 The common screw jack supports heavy objects by the self-locking action of the screw thread, and has simple structure, but low transmission efficiency and slow return. 
 The screw thread of the self-lowering screw jack has no self-locking function and is equipped with a brake. 
 When the brake is released, the heavy object can descend quickly by itself, shortening the return journey time, but the structure of this jack is more complicated. Screw jack can support heavy objects for a long time, and its maximum lifting weight has reached 100 tons, which is widely used. 
 After the horizontal screw is installed on the lower part, the weight can be moved horizontally for a small distance.

 1.Upper and lower cast steel supports the whole jack, strong and durable
 2.Gear lifting can keep position for a long time
 3.Pure mechanical operation, tight occlusion, ring interlocking, manual rotation of one side of the gear, driving three ring gear at the same time, forming the lifting motion of the threaded spindle
 4.Small size, easy to carry, easy to use

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 The Screw Jack can be used for railway vehicle maintenance, mine and construction engineering support and lifting and lowering of common heavy objects.

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