Cheap Manual Handle Operated Lift 18cm 20t Ratchet Gear Screw Bottle Jack

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 Product Description of Screw Jack
 1.The lifting sleeve is polished by 45 # stainless manganese steel grinder with bright appearance and exquisite workmanship.
 2.Fuselage housing
 Integral casting one-time forming machine body fits very well and is durable.
 Human Mechanics Design
 4.Thickened base
 Use smoothly
 5.Cast steel top  cover
 High Temperature Forging Forming, Hard and Compressive
 6.Limited Red Warning Line
 Detailed design to reduce accidents
 7.Jinggang ratchet
 Selected material, ratchet not easy to remove teeth, tight occlusion, efficient work
 8.Control screw
 Rock up and down, control jack, rise and fall simple and easy to operate

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 Advantages of Screw Jack
 1.Integral cast steel
 Foundry moulding, high fit, not easy to rust, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
 2.Limited red warning  line
 The telescopic rod of the lifting drum is marked with warning lines, which can effectively prevent  the safe telescopic height from exceeding the safe telescopic height in use and reduce the occurrence of accidents.
 3.Steel Cast Top Plate
 Using high strength steel casting material, forging at high temperature, hard and compressive, with built-in empty slot, safe and stable.
 4.Thicker base, smooth operation
 5.Suitable for many occasions
 Pure mechanical operation, tight occlusion ring interlocking, smooth use, simple and compact structure, small size and light weight, easy to carry.

 Application of Screw Jack
 Architectural support
 Factory operation
 Bridge construction
 Various usage methods

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