Manual mechanical car bottle screw jack from China factory

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Product Introduction of screw jack
 1.Lifting sleeve, manganese steel quality
 2.Ductile Iron, integrated Forming
 Guarantee the stability of the top structure, refusal to Apply Iron Sheet
 3.Pure copper gear, wear resistance and stability, extend service life by a large margin
 enhanced security
 4.No Tooth Removal, jinggang ratchet set high frequency and high temperature quenching  treatment, ratchet biting is not easy, easy to use, long service life

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 1.The screw jack is operated by pure machinery and tightly.
 Occlusion, ring interlocking.
 Manual rotation of one side gear, driving 3-ring gear
 At the same time, it runs to form the lifting motion of the threaded spindle.
 2.Jinggang ratchet set
 High frequency and  high temperature quenching treatment, ratchet bite tight, not easy to remove teeth, long service life.
 3.Built-in safety limit
 Red is a safety warning line. Do not exceed it when using it.
 4.Comfortable anti-skid handle
 Humanized handle design, easy to carry

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Reasons for choosing us
 1.Selected Material
 Body-formed ball-milled cast iron fuselage, after high temperature and high frequency
 2.Quenching treatment, high safety factor, durable
 Stable performance
 No matter in the hot sun or in the cold, it will not affect the use.
 3.Exquisite craftsmanship
 Innovative Casting Technology by Using Nodular Cast Iron Technology
 4.Appearance of baking paint
 After baking with multi-layer primer, the paint layer is thicker and is not easy to remove. Effective anti-corrosion and wear resistance, not easy to rust