Adjustable Mini Hand Manual Operated Mechanical Bottle Spiral Screw Jack

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Product Introduction of Screw Jack
 1.Texture of material
 Selected material is quenched and cast in one step. Durable
 The fuselage has compact overall structure and high fit.
 The gears are firmly occluded and have high efficiency and long service life.
 Fuselage performance is stable
 It does not affect use in severe weather or in severe cold weather.
 Excellent baking process appearance, smooth surface not easy to rust, small size and easy to carry

 Details of Screw Jack
 1.Lifting sleeve
 45 # Stainless Manganese Steel, Centerless Grinding
 Bed grinding, beautiful and durable
 2.Monolithic iron casting
 Precision forging, high safety factor
 3.Ratcheting group
 Ratchet bite tight, not easy to fall off. The high-strength all-copper gear has high precision and wear resistance, good ductility and stability, and greatly enhanced safety factor and service life.
 4.Control handle
 Flexible and stable pinion in rocker
 Manipulation is labor-saving
 5.Cast steel top cover
 Quenching heat treatment, durable
 6.Built-in safety limit
 Detailed design to reduce accidents
 Humanized design handle, easy to carry
 Thicken the base and use smoothly

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Matters needing attention
 1, Before use, pay attention to put the position, keep the ground level
 Prevent the spiral rod from bending and causing accidents.
 2, When using, should be uniform to move the handle, avoid up and down the impact caused by the accident damage to dry weight top.
 3, When using should pay attention to not more than dry weight top maximum bearing capacity, jack-up height should not exceed the safe jack-up height, prevent damage to dry weight top cause an accident.
 4, Loosen the jack to make the weight fall, must first check whether the weight support, and then slowly put down.
 5. During use and storage, grease shall be used to prevent excessive wear and tear.