Qd5t 10t 15t 30t 40t 50t Heavy Duty Railway Building Track Jack for Lifting

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Description of Track Jack
 The rack track lifting machine consists of a base lifting hook, a handle pressing handle, a pawl, a jack, a rack and a quick lowering wheel, and is characterized in that the lifting hook and the rack form a sliding fit, the handle pressing handle is hinged with the lifting hook, one end of the pawl is fixed on the handle pressing handle, the other end is meshed with the rack, the jack is fixed on the lifting hook, and the rack is fixedly connected with the base. 
 It overcomes the shortcomings of the original track opener, such as large volume, heavy weight, overall ultra-high invasion limit, etc. 
 It consists of a base, a lifting hook, a handle pressing handle, pawls, a jack, a quick lowering wheel and the like. Compare with that prior art, the push handle has the following advantage of one-way force, small volume, light weight and portability, and all operation processes are in a state that can ensure driving safety.

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 Advantages :
Designed for lifting loads with very low minimum clearances (foot)or high clearances(head).
 Ideal for house moving, machinery installation and application at shipyard, bridge building or plant construction sites.
 Great companion tool for machinery type rollers.
 Convenient 200 1/2 swivel socket for easy operation in any direction on 5 and 10 ton models.
 Safety value for overload protection.
 Features spring assisted return and over-travel protection on 5 or 10 ton models.
 Ram is made of heart treated special steel to resist rust and assure strength.
 Electrically welded base and cylinders to assure strength.
 Not affected by temperature extremes.
 Pump handle includes.

 Application of Track Jack
 Railway track jack should be placed properly and smoothly, insert the control hole with a 1.5 meter length steel rod, reciprocating wrench up and down until reach the requirement lifting height.
 2, Slowly Descending
 The track jack can be lowered tooth by tooth by wrenching the steel rod up and down while the slowly descending control handle pulled to the brake position.
 3, Rapid Descending 
 The track jack can be descended to the start position by perpendicular impacting the rapid descending foot pedal.
 4, Sliping 
 The sliding parts need to be regular lubrication, timely replacement of damaged parts.

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