Best Quality Manual Railroad Track for Railway Construction Screw Jack

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Product Introduction of Track Jack
 Rack-type track lifter is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, bridge erection and other operations to lift and support the installation of various heavy objects and equipment. 
 The utility model is suitable for auxiliary installation of railway tracks, bridge installation, and lifting of vehicles, equipment and heavy objects, and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, safety, reliability, multi-machine use and the like, and is a lifting tool with wide application. 
 Working Principle This machine is one of the types of manual lifting tools. It has a compact structure. It makes reasonable use of the swing of the rocker to move the tooth claws up and down. It cooperates with the fixed tooth claws to push the rack up or down and lift the lifting weight.

 Details of Track Jack
 Using double rockers can save labour
 The base is thicker and has anti-skid rubber.
 The rack is tightly thicker and stronger

Usage & Attentions
 1, Before lifting must check whether all parts are normal.
 2, When using the frame should be flat, avoid skew, it is strictly prohibited to overload use, such as heavy weight can be more than one machine.
 3. Rise: Lift the rocker, pull the elevator hand at the lower part to the horizontal position, insert the lever into the rocker hole to make up-and-down reciprocating motion, and the weight will gradually rise. When the rocker is pushed up or down, the click sound of the pawl contacting the rack can be heard to indicate normal. (Same as when falling)
 4. Lowering: Lift the rocker, return the lower part of the lifting plate to its original position, and move the rocker up and down in a reciprocating manner to gradually lower the weight.
 5. Rapid descent: When the lifting wrench is in the descending position, press down the lifting  trigger with the female finger, lift the rocker, and the rack will descend rapidly. Rapid landing shall not be used at will, but only when no load is applied.


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