Hydraulic Stationary Yard Dock Leveler Ramp Warehouse Lift Platform

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 Mobile container loading ramp is to realize rapid loading and unloading of goods into or from container, truck, vehicle with adjustment  function between the truck and warehouse dock, can realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods. This product is mainly used in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, airports and other occasions. Mainly used for loading and unloading goods in the carriage with forklift truck. With this product forklift  trucks. This product can carry out forklift loading and unloading activities with simple manual operation without using electric equipment, which can effectively save manpower and material resources

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Detailed Description
 Container ramp is suitable for material handling, warehouse, wharf, logistics center. 
 Without electric power source, can adjust the height of the ramp easily.  

Detailed images  

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 Our yard ramps are widely used in terminals, stations, warehouses and  other places. According to the different needs of users, as the special design in terms of dimensions, load bearing and so on. Ramps mounted on the side of the dock, and the dock floor and sides flush. 

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Packaging & Shipping

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Our service

1.All the yard ramps will be full tested before shipment.

2. 5 years warranty. 

3. 24 hours technical support-email, telephone or video online. 

4. User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining. 

5. Several sets wearing parts will be free for you. 

6. Engineers available for overseas service.