6 Ton Hydraulic Mobile Container Yard Ramps for Warehouse

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 The loading and unloading platform is a platform for automatic loading and unloading between modern factory warehouses and vehicles;
 Flexibly connect the platform to trucks of different heights;
 Enable loading and unloading vehicles or tools to unload unloaded goods into and out of the truck;
 Greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading goods and the safety of staff;
 It is a necessary loading and unloading equipment for modern warehouses.
 Nanjing Ram Machinery Co.,Ltd is the professional supplier of yard ramp and hydraulic lifts for several years. Our factory covers 78500 square meters and has a series of modern production equipment, like automatic cutting equipment, automatic equipment, automatic abrasive blasting production rust removal line. spray paint line, automatic welding robot and so on. 
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Detailed Description

Operation Process                                   

 1.Fasten the oil drain valve.
 2.Lift up the ramp's lip plate higher 10cm over the truck carriage 's bottom plate
 3.Back the truck off under the ramp's lip plate
 4.Operators connect the ramp with the truck together by the iron chain.
 5.Put the brake pad next to the solid tire
 6.Release the oil drain valve, and the ramp's lip plate will fall down onto truck carriage 's bottom plate 
 7.The ramp can be used for work

Detailed images 

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 No need installation and easy operation for mobile dock yard ramp
 Almost no need maintenance.
 Adopting high strength steel, strong dual structure.
 Improving working efficiency, reducing the manpower cost
 Load capacity from 6T to 12T available.
 Suitable for various height of truck.


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