Hydraulic Warehouse Mobile Container Load Yard Ramp for Sale

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 Our yard ramp is usually used together with the forklift to loading and unloading cargo from the truck. the ramp can be  operated by single person easily, so it will saving much labor and work  efficient. Its height is adjustable according to the vehicle compartments, the arrange from 800-1700mm. It is popular used for factory, warehouse, whaft, logistics center, station and so on……
 The regular model of this ramp is: length-10.8m,width-2m, adjustable height:800-1700mm loading capacity is 6T 8T 10 T 12T 15T 20T
 Also we can design and produce according to customer's requirement.

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Detailed Description
 Feature :
 1.The platform is 4mm thickness steel plate with 8mm thickness rhombic-shape steel mesh covered.
 2.The body and guard rail adopt high-strength Rectagular Steel Tube.
 3.Hydro cylinder:2 pcs with NOK brand seal ring from Japan.
 4.Explosion-proof valve: prevent the platform falls down suddenly when oil pipe  crack.
 5.Solid rubber tire with long-life

Safety device :
 1.Surface slip resistant sheet.
 2.The ramp has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.
 3.Explosion-proof valve: prevent the platform falls down suddenly when oil pipe crack
 4.Full-range, telescopic toe protection assures total dock attendant safety.


Detailed images 

 Our products are widely used in terminals, stations, warehouses and other places. According to the different needs of users, as the special design in terms of dimensions, load bearing and so on. Ramps mounted on the side of the dock, and the dock floor and sides flush. 
 Why choose us?
 20 years manufacturing experience in hydraulic lifting industry.
 What is it makes us walk such far?
 1.Competitive price
 We are the manufacturer, and have lots of orders from domestic and foreign each year, so we can purchase the raw material with much cheaper price which will directly effects the price of the lifting machines. 
 2.Reliable quality
 a.Material used. The thickness of the material is 40mm,and the material anti-skid density space is 35*30mm which make the whole machine more steady and durable.
 b.Ramp platform. We use anti-skid steel grate plate which is durable, not easy to be ponding, and not easy to deformation.

Packaging & Shipping

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