China 6 Ton Dock Levellers /Mobile Type Hydraulic Yard Ramp

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 Description of yard ramp
 Our yard ramp is a special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading of goods rapidly. Its height adjustment feature allows forklifts and other moving vehicles to enter into the truck directly and handle the goods. The dock ramp is mobile and controlled by manual hydraulic system, so only one person could operate it conveniently. It enables you to reduce the amount of labor and raise working  efficiency. It can be customized according to your need about the specifications of the electrical stacker. So please feel free to contact us for any question.
 A. It is widely used in loading and unloading goods from container or truck. 
 B. It can be operated by one person easily that can improve the work efficiency. 
 C. Manual power or electric power is for your choice.
 D. Regular model: Width-2.08m; Length-11m; height range-0.9m to 1.8m
 E. It also can be designed and produced according to customers' requirements. 

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Detailed Description of yard ramp
 1, hydraulic drive, easy to operate and reliable operation. 
 2, lip connected with the long axis of the entire platform, high strength, good reliability. 
 3, the use of imported seals to protect the hydraulic system has excellent sealing performance. 
 4, the overall use of imported modular hydraulic station, good sealing and long service life. 
 5, high-intensity "U" shaped beam designed to ensure their long-running high-load without deformation. 
 6, the use of non-slip tread plate, so that the platform has a good anti-slip properties. 
 7, both sides of the fortification apron rolling pin to prevent accidental injury toes stretching platform. 
 8 features to protect maintenance personnel to enter Ramps internal maintenance safety rod.


Detailed images 

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 Packaging  & Shipping

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 1. Is your ramps customized?
 Yes, because the conditions are different, all ramps are customized depending on detail requirement! 
 If you give us more details about our products, we will give you a very quick quote!  
 2. What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
 The more information you provide, the accurate solution we can prepare for you!