5 ton coil upender for roll forming machine

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 The 90° Mechanical Upender is mainly composed of inverted main body, console, safety guardrail, etc. They are widely used in metallurgical industries, steel industries, mould, papermaking, refrigeration, etc. A series of automatic mechanical coil tilter with conveyor is easy for operation. It can be used for dislocation of different vertical or horizontal goods, such as mould upending, steel coil upending, steel wire coil upending, aluminum coil upending, copper coil upending and spool upending. It also can be connected to the production line for wrapping or some other usage. This turnover machine can be used for dislocation of different vertical & horizontal goods. 

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Detailed Description
 Technical parameters of 90 degree steel coil rotating machine:
 Main technical parameters:
 1. Load-bearing: 10T(max)
 2. Rolled-diameter: 1600mm; height: 800mm
 3.  Diameter of rolled oil cylinder: φ125mm
 4. Working pressure of hydraulic system: 0-16Mpa
 5. Pump Motor Power: 4KW
 6. Pump Type: CBT-F325
 7.  It is set independent hydraulic system and electrical system.
 According to the characteristics of the user's products, we specialize in designing various types of flip positioners.
 ● 5 meters remote control line, can be operated remotely, safe and reliable.
 ● Optional: 1 wireless remote control handle. 2 independent control cabinets.

Detailed images 

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