90 Degree Rotating Industrial Coil Upender

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 Description of Mechanical Upender
 The 90° Mechanical Upender is mainly composed of inverted main body, console, safety guardrail, etc. It can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of goods of different specifications, provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively, realize the conversion of horizontal conversion or vertical conversion. Work target. Simply place it  in the foundation or on the level ground.
 The operation process is simple and convenient:
 Move the product into the flip positioner with a forklift or a forklift, start  the button on the operation panel, flip the positioner and start to flip the position. After the product has been turned over by 90°, remove the product.
 1. The device has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, and can be flipped when the equipment is moved to the suspended workpiece.
 2. The use of this device can improve the turning efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for the user.

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Detailed  Description of Mechanical Upender
 *Special double chain drive, oblique gear&worm speed reducer is adopted.
 *Four-roller device wrapped with poly amide adhesive.
 *Inverter controls are adopted, fast, stable&safe.
 *Adjustable mechanical pressure device is adopted.
 * Easy operation, simple, stable, safe, high quality
 * Custom design is available.
 * CE and ISO9001 certification.

Detailed images of Mechanical Upender

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 Our machines are perfect for vertical/horizontal upending of coils, containers, pallets, and other heavy loads of up to 50 tons. It's up to you to choose the one equipped either with a mechanical or hydraulic drive system. Both types feature fail-safe brakes which can be used to stop tilting the load at any angle. Please note that no special skills are required to operate upending equipment. Other than safety improvements and easy operation, our machines stand out for their high performance. On average, it takes them 10-60 seconds to upend the load for further handling. You can also request a custom-made coil upender or drum tilter equipment. We will modify and make it ready for your specific applications. Call us at +86 17302568001 to opt for the unique solution.

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