90 Degree Steel Coil Turnover Machine /Upender/Coil Tilter

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 Turnover Press Machine Main effect
 Inverted by the original manual method, there may be an accidental danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; damaging the lifting equipment. The main features of this type of equipment are reflected in the maturity of the product structure and no maintenance accidents.

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Detailed Description
 1. Adopt frequency control, multi-speed control, adjust the speed according to requirements. It has the characteristics of being light and light and flipping freely.
 2. The starter of the equipment motor adopts slow start and slow stop, and the operation is stable and fast. There will be no sudden collapse.
 3. The industrial gear reducer with hard-toothed bevel gear has low noise, large torque and stable operation.
 4. The device is operated by remote control, which is easy to operate  and displays the automatic working status randomly.
 5. Use three-color warning light, red light alarm, green light work, yellow light standby
 6. User-friendly structure, standardized and modular design, ensuring safe use, convenient operation, stable performance and convenient maintenance
 7. The adjustment space is large, and the large workpiece with the inverted profile is not slippery, and does not have the characteristics of backspin.
 8. The whole machine is processed by the whole vertical car, the texture is even and firm, the precision is reset, and the slow start and slow stop are completed, and the automatic positioning is ended.
 9. With the function of rotating the workpiece, it can be flipped to any angle as required.

Detailed images 

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 Coil Upenders are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, motor, mold, paper, refrigeration, steel strip, reel, barrel material, coil material, tray and other industries. The turning machine avoids the safety hazard caused by the forklift or the crane flipping, and improves the work efficiency, ensuring the best choice for workers' safety.

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