Vertical and Horizontal steel coil upender and lifting machine

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 Turnover Press Machine Working principle
 FPCT series tilter product changes 180 degrees to provide safe operation. Special C type load tilter, C-type tilter is easy to operate, and can be used for loading and unloading forklift or other loading and unloading trucks. The optional base rotating drive system, our C-type tilter can load and unload from the ipsilateral side, according to your needs. It eliminates the extra forklift movement. There are customized machines according to your specifications and applications to meet your goals in precession.

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Detailed Description
 According to the characteristics of the user's products, we specialize in designing various types of flip positioners.
 ● 5 meters remote control line, can be operated remotely, safe and reliable.
 ● Optional: 1 wireless remote control handle. 2 independent control cabinets.
 *Adopting special double chain drive, oblique gear & worm speed reducer is to control the turning speed;
 *Four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive;
 *In order to make safe and effective, inverter control is adopted;
 *Adjustable mechanical pressure device is adopted;
 *It can be remote operation with a separated control panel;
 *Multiple position limit system ensures safe operation.

Detailed images of Turnover Press Machine

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Q1:Are you factory or trading company?
 A: We are factory and manufacturer. We provide Turnover Press Machine in customize solution and service.

Q2:What do you need to make a specific offer for my product?
 A: To make a special offer we will need the Sealing length and width 
 and other functions you wantto use on this machine. If with other 
 special request please also inform us before we make the project.  

 Q3:How to place an order to us ?
 A: Just contact us via TraderManager, E-mail, Skype, WhatsApp or telephone to confirm the product, Wire the deposit by T/T, then we will start to design and manufacture Coil Upenders