10T steel coil upender machine/Turnover machine/Tilter

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 Description of Coil Upender
 1,Machine introduction
 Coil Upender is major used for turning over the heavy articles from one side to another. It is popular in heavy industries for lessening labor and saving time. What`s more, it also can be worked together with other machines forming into a production line.
 The operation process is simple and convenient:
 Move the product into the flip positioner with a forklift or a forklift, start the button on the operation panel, flip the positioner and start to flip the position. After the product has been turned over by 90°, remove the product.
 This turnover machine can be used for dislocation of different vertical & horizontal goods. They are widely used in metallurgical industries, steel industries, mould, papermaking, refrigeration, etc.

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Detailed Description of Coil Upender
 1.Special double chain drive, helical gear and worm reducer.
 2.The four-roller device was wrapped with polyamide glue.
 3.Frequency converter control, fast, stable, stable.
 4.Two limiter to ensure safe operation
 5.The machine can stop turning at any angle.
 6. Emergency stop and lock-in function to avoid rotation.
 7.Two electric limit switches that circulate safely.

 1. Control panel or remote control.
 2. Invertors for adjusting the speed.
  Working tables are designed for different products and handling  applications. It is for tilting the load from 0° to 90° provides for helping safety operating the product.


Detailed images 

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 Q1:what is your warranty and after-sale service?
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