Steel coil upender/turnover machine made in china

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The turning machine comprises a base connected by a flip hinge and a flipping body. The turning machine is connected by flipping the hinge and the base, and a rubber roller is arranged in the middle of the turning machine, and the rubber wheel frame is connected with the base to conveniently and quickly carry the goods at any angle. Flip, or attached to the conveyor line, using multi-speed control, and travel switch, the goods are turned over any angle and then moved to the next pipeline.

Detailed Description of turning machine
 1 The holding device can make it stopped at any position.
 2 After 90 degrees flip, it adopts limited position switch and mechanical multiple limit protection device.
 3 With the over-current protection device, when it exceeds the maximum weight, it will be in power-off protection automatically, without damaging the motor.
 4 With the air switch of SCHNEIDER, it includes function of over-current, overload, short circuit, phase protection. The three-phase line exchange doesn't affect the protection function
 5 Equipped with an alarm device, it can produce sound and light alarm when the job is  abnormal.
 6 Frequency conversion control, multistage speed operation.


Detailed images of turning machine

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The machine comprises a base and flipping body by a hinged flip, flip, flip hinge by machine and dock connector, is provided in the middle of the reversing machine Cots, tire rack with the base to form a connection, the goods quickly and easily at any angle flip, or in addition to the transmission lines, the use of multi-speed control, and limit switch, flip the goods at any angle after moving to the next line; to achieve three-dimensional flow of goods transported without artificial and line hanging high delivery rate characteristics, dumpers simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, safety and reliability.