Technical details of Pallet wrapping machine

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Pallet wrapping machine

Product introduction
The automatic pre stretching winding packaging machine is a new type of wrapping
film packaging machine, which is simple in operation, stable and reliable, beautiful in
packaging effect, and fully meets the export packaging requirements of Ce (Europe);
the equipment is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances,
paper making, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverage, building materials and
other industries. It can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the loss in the
transportation process. It has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof and
reducing the packaging cost. It is an ideal choice for intensive packaging.
Technical parameters
* packaging range: 500-1300mm long, 500-1200mm wide, 2000mm high
* packing efficiency 20-40 Torr / h
* rotary table size diameter: 1500mm table height: 77mm
* bearing capacity of rotary table: 2000kg (max)
* turntable speed 0-12rpm / min
* operating weight 750KG
* boundary dimension 2725x2000x2200
* motor power turntable 0.75KW, column 0.37kw, membrane frame
* single phase power supply 220VAC / 50Hz
Main performance
1. Delta PLC can be programmed to control the operation of the whole machine, the
number of winding turns at the top and bottom can be adjusted respectively, and
the number of winding turns at the top and bottom of the membrane rack can be
adjusted. Delta man-machine interface operation screen + button operation panel,
the operation is more convenient and simple.
2. Automatically detect the height of pallet material and display the fault
Local strengthening of winding function can provide special protection for some
3. The overall design structure of the rotary sprocket, the star shaped arrangement of
wear-resistant supporting wheel auxiliary support, low noise operation.
4. The turntable can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the slow start and
slow stop can be reset automatically.
5. The power pre pulling mechanism of membrane frame (stretching ratio 250%) is
convenient to pull out the membrane, and the winding membrane is broken and
used up automatically.
6. The number of pallets can be self recorded.
7. The double chain structure is adopted, the lifting speed of the membrane rack is
adjustable, so as to control the overlapping proportion of the membrane.