Technical details of 30T Transfer carts

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Product Descriptions


Transfer carts

 Load capacity:30T;
 Table size:1600*1300mm;
 Height: 600mm
 Power supply: battery





Manufacturing Standards

Our transfer carts are processed and manufactured strictly in accordance with technical requirements and design drawings, and meets the design and manufacturing and safety technical conditions of electric flat cars.
 1、GB5226.1                      Mechanical safety. Mechanical and electrical equipment. Part 1. General technical requirements.

 2、JB/T6127-92                 China Machinery Industry Standard Technical Specifications for Electric Flat Cars

 3、GB5959.1-86                General requirements for equipment safety

 4、GB5056-93                   Specification for power plant design of equipment

 5、JB/ZQ4000.2-86           General technical conditions for cutting

 6.  JB/ZQ4000.3-86           General technical conditions of welding parts

 7、JB/ZQ4000.5-86           General technical conditions for castings

 8、JB/ZQ4000.7-86           General technical conditions of forgings

 9、JB/ZQ4000.9-86           General technical conditions for assembly

10、JB/ZQ4000.1–86         General technical requirements for product inspection 

11、JB/ZQ4000.10-86        General technical conditions for coating  

Technical Specifications

1Model No.KPX-30T
2Rated Loading capacity(t)30Working load
3Max.loading capacity(t)45
4Table size(mm)1600×1300
5Cart height(mm)600
6Ground clearance(mm)50
7Ground typeConcret pavement
8Climbing slope≦5 degree
9Operation methodPendent button + remote controloptional
10Traveling speed(m/min)20
11Power SupplyBattery(lead acid battery or
     lithium battery optional); 48V,

12Working voltageDC 48V
13Continuous working time4 HoursFull load full
14Charger installation typeVehicular
15Wheel diameter(mm)250European type
16Brake distancenormally≤1000mm、emergency
     power-off brake
17Motor power2*1.5kw2 sets of traction
18ReducerMTJ67 Three-in-one reducer2 sets
19Safety deviceSound & light alarm;reflective
     warning strip



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Product Pictures

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