Different kinds of Four Post Car Lifts made in china

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These 4-Post Car Lifts (4 Post Lifts) with sturdy and high-quality will allow you to easily lift your vehicle via electric/hydraulic power system lift, Four-post car lifts are engineered to meet the demands of any lifting job, which is the perfect model of auto lift to raise the vehicle and perform both under the vehicle service and also perform wheel service.

The four post car lift has a four support post which balances on each of the wheels. Using a 4-post car lift allows the car to be raised safely in the air at a particular height and remains motionless while the mechanic performs whatever necessary work on the car. Four-post lifts offer versatility for body shop owners and home garages alike. They can maximize garage space by allowing one car to park in a lift above another car, and their sturdy construction makes them better for lifting heavier automobiles.

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Four-post that can be moved (with a caster kit) are designed for light-duty use and not designed for use in a high volume automotive repair facility. Four-Post Lifts that are anchored to the ground provide maximum stability and are designed for more rugged use, like in a professional facility. Four post lifts are a great investment for shops and are easy to own and operate.

Four-post car lifts are the standard form of vehicle lift at professional service stations. In any garage with a high enough ceiling and sufficient dimensions, you can hoist one truck above another and effectively turn two parking spaces into one Four Post Lifts. Four post lifts are often used for medium duty truck applications and are commonly found in muffler, oil change, transmission and alignment service shops. As with two post lifts, it is imperative that shops follow a regular routine for lift inspections, service, and maintenance to prevent expensive and unwanted down time.

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The single post car lift has adapted to fill a wide range of uses for automobiles, motorcycles and even lawn mowers. It is Less common than the two- and four-post lifts, single-post lifts consist of one large post and a deck that raises the car. These machines are very adaptable with some having air and some having electric over hydraulic power units, Single-post lifts are best suited for smaller garages as they are often portable and do not take up too much space, It is perfect for limited space applications & situations where portability is more important than a floor mounted 2 post lift.

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Two-post car lifts are the most common lifts and best for performing mechanical work on a vehicle found in automotive shops. The 2 Post Car Lift is a primary necessity for the vehicle service industry, They consist of two posts and a crossbar that raises the car to its clearance height. They are best for smaller, balanced vehicles at the lowest prices for your garage or shop.

Without runways in the way like with a 4 post lift would have, the underneath of the car is clear to perform a wide variety of work. A Two Post Overhead Car Lift has a bar located between the top of each column through which the equalization cables and hydraulic hoses are routed. An Overhead 2-Post Car Lift design provides greater stability. The bar across the top helps add rigidity to the columns when lifting a vehicle, make it easy to get to every component of your vehicle Common work such as brake and suspension repairs, tire rotation, and undercarriage work are easily done on a 2 post style lift.It is available as an overhead or floor plate.

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Mobile column lifts consists of four or six columns with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes and is the faster and easier choice for your maintenance facility, With 6 mobile column lifts in a single setup, you have the ability to lift up to 108,000 lbs. Despite so much lifting power, each column is easy to stow away in minutes flat after the vehicle is lowered. Safety and user control is paramount, so all lifts will be connected via a single control panel and can be stopped simultaneously with the push of a button.

It is faster because of the set-up time and lifting speed beats the competition hands down! mobile column lift is sold in sets of two, four, six or eight. Each can be purchased as a low or high voltage car lift. Additionally, each post in this super-duty portable lift system has big capacity all on its own.

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