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A dumbwaiter elevator is a very small sized freight elevator or lift used to connect two floors, often carrying food, goods or objects from one floor to another instead of people (a small elevator can not carry passaners) in various places. It is widely used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, libraries, factory and schools but also a popular addition to the home, in other words, It is divided into residential and commercial dumbwaiters. A dumbwaiter elevator for a home can support a load up to 750 pounds, while some commercial models may support as much as 1000 pounds.

It excels at transporting everything from delicate items, foods, files or laundry from floor to floor, to heavy items such as groceries, firewood in a residential application, It carry small and lightweight items that are usually heavy for a person to carry and move from one place to another or one floor to another, which can service up to nine floors, They require much less shaft space and best of all they fit into any budget!

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A dumbwaiter elevator began as a manual device that was guided by a rope being pulled, but, in the present, the cab portion uses an electric motor to move from floor to floor. Most have automatic control systems and freight containers inside. These units function like small elevators. 

Dumbwaiter moves items like clothes, groceries, laundry, firewood, books and other household items, It is essentially a small elevator installed in your home or business to facilitate easy transportation of materials from one floor to the other.

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Application: Small cargo lifts (service lifts, dumbwaiters) are used for light weight items (up to 350kg) handling between storeys of the restaurants, banks, stores, etc.

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Dumbwaiters are particularly useful where a passenger elevator isn’t feasible due to site constraints, budget concerns or the type of use doesn’t justify a ‘passenger riding’ vertical transportation product, which are more economical and easier in operation compared to passenger lift/elevators; much lower prices compared to passenger lift/elevators.

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We offer both types of dumbwaiters. One has a rack and pinion drive with no cables or wind up drums. The other type has a wind up cable on a drum, and may result in a lower cost. Dumbwaiters provide a simple, space-efficient alternative to hauling materials between floors/building levels and reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.

Every dumbwaiter we build is custom made to your specifications, unlike other manufacturers who provide an off-the-shelf product, forcing you to design your life around the limitations of their product.