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A porch lift is actually a vertical platform lift that is usually installed under or beside the porch, allowing easy access for wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair users. It is an ideal solution for those who either don't have the room for a wheelchair ramp, or simply don't like the look of a large modular ramp leading up to the front or back door. Heights can vary greatly for a wheelchair porch lift, but the concept remains the same.

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Even a few steps can be a large barrier to someone with limited mobility, A RAMHOIST Residential Wheelchair Lift is designed for indoor or outdoor use to provide a safer home environment and a better quality of life: 1st, Outdoor wheelchair lifts for those with disabilities or limited mobility are commonly referred to as porch lifts, as they can provide access to the entry, backyard, and/or front yard of homes and commercial buildings. 2nd, porch lifts are also used occasionally indoors and in public buildings. Residential porch lifts are a simple, affordable solution for creating easy home access. A residential porch lift is a great way to provide accessibility at home. Wheelchair lifts make getting in and out of your home easy and worry free, while maintaining independence as long as possible.

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When a ramp is not feasible because of space or you do not want a ramp taking up most of your yard, a porch lift is a great alternative to a ramp (it take up considerably less space than wheelchair ramps and certain models enable the user to travel up to two stories high). A vertical platform or porch lift provides practical solution for making your home or business accessible for a wheelchair user. Quite often, people are forced to decide between installing a wheelchair lift or a ramp, to create safe and easy access, but ramps aren’t necessarily any cheaper. These lifts overcome architectural barriers with cost and space efficiency as they lift a person just a few inches to heights of up to 14 feet. They come with safety devices to halt the descent if there is an obstacle under the platform, as well as feature an upper gate to ensure safe access at the upper landing.

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By installing an outside deck or porch lift, you can easily come and go in your home. Porch lifts (also called Vertical Platform Lifts--VPL), are sometimes referred to as vertical platform lifts or deck lifts and are usually used in applications where a wheelchair ramp is either impractical or unwanted. They are a great alternative to a wheelchair ramp, especially in the front of your home. They are fairly simple devices which consist of a platform which travels up and down a tower to move the user from one level to another.They are a great lift option for indoor and outdoor access. Whether you are having fun summer barbeque, a simple get together on a deck, or gaining access into a home, a VPL offers you full access to your home and yard without the burden of transferring out of your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair. While normally used outdoors to make an existing residential unit wheelchair accessible.

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Our Porch-Lifts (VPLs) are proven performers, providing access without the headaches and costs of constant repairs.

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Installing porch lifts for porches, decks, or garages is an excellent way to avoid the hassle of building an entire ramp system outside of the house. Our lifts are an easy way to make any home wheelchair-accessible and convenient for everyone! All our vertical platform lifts are lightweight, dependable and offer smooth, quiet performance.

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Whether you need a wheelchair lift for residential or commercial use, we have the right model for you! Contact us and one of our vertical platform lift experts will help you determine which platform lift and accessories are correct for your application.