11ft and 16ft Drywall Lifts made in china

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The Drywall lift (panel hoist) allows one person to lift drywall panel that is up to 4 x11ft or 4 x16ft in size, without assistance and easy to use. this is a labor-saving option. Most lifts are made from an all welded steel construction but they can be heavy, tool-free assembly and teardown, single stage winch with brake.

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It is designed to facilitate the installation of drywall panels on the top part of a wall. An ingenious lever equipped with a blocking system supports the plasterboard perfectly leaned with the ceiling to simplify its installation.

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A drywall lift holds the drywall in place while you work, saving you a lot of trouble, which is a large platform that you can winch up. Fast action single-stage winch with silent cam lock brake. Folds down for easy storage and handling. 

These cable-driven lifts help make it possible for a single person to install ceiling or wall panels, Safely and easily operated by one man(but it is much easier if you have someone with you), with no need for additional attachments. 

Each one has 3 major qualities: maximum weight, maximum height, and drywall size. Before you purchase, you should have an idea of your needs. For ceiling drywall hanging, 11’ is a common maximum height, but some lifts can accommodate ceilings of up to 13’. 

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To use a panel hoist, you need to: Pull down the metal support hooks, to keep the drywall sheet in place. Once the panel is secured, tilt the table back into a flat position. Lock the latch. Turn the wheel or pull the steel string to lift the panel up. 

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It has a 11-foot maximum reach for horizontal ceilings and a 16-foot maximum reach for walls (determined by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of drywall).

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A sheetrock or drywall lift is a machine that is used to lift drywall panels to a ceiling. They are a specialized piece of equipment and can be purchased for several hundreds of dollars from a home improvement center. They can also easily be rented from an equipment supply store. Assemble if you're transporting it from somewhere else. It usually has three parts: a base, mast and cradle. You slip the mast into the base and then attach the cradle, which holds the drywall sheet, to the mast.

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The 11 ft Drywall and Panel Lift has several remarkable features, The panel can be raised to a maximum height of 11ft for attachment to level ceilings or (with the lift's cradle tilted) to sloped ceilings or side walls. For higher ceilings, an Extension Accessory is available that increases maximum lift to 16ft, It can help you save time and money. Eliminate the need to have extra people on hand during a remodel, keeping your costs low by reducing labor costs. Shorten installation time and tackle the job yourself. No more bothering your friends every weekend to help you hang drywall.

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When you are installing drywall, all you have to do is lay the sheet of drywall on it and crank it up to the place you want it, It holds it in place while you screw or nail the sheet.

It is also called a drywall panel lift because it lifts a panel of drywall at a time, also has other name such as Drywall Jack, Drywall Panel Hoist, panel hoist, Wallboard Lift.