Different kinds of Lifting Towers made in china

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Truss lift tower is one kind of flexible stand for hanging lighting, it mostly used for interior exhibition or small events.

Below you can find our Lifting Towers for the entertainment industry as well as our Material Lifting Towers for industrial use (for maintenance, installation and construction companies).

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Over 30 models which are characterised as being highly innovative, efficient and safe to offer professionals options for any kind of event are supplied by RAMHOIST: Wind-up Stands, Ground Support Towers, Scaffold Towers and Lifting Towers for Line Array systems for loads of up to 2000kg to a maximum height of 12m.

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Stage Light Stands Elevator / Lift Tower Professional Stage Lighting Equipment heavy hand Truss for stage light hanging Applications:

1.Stage light stand

2.Wedding light stand

3.Moving performance light stand

4.Bar light stand

5.Studio light stand

6.Audio light stand

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 A compact telescopic Lifting Tower designed to raise loads of up to 125kg to a maximum height of 4.56mtrs. It's user-friendly and compact base of 38 x 30cm with swivel castors make the this Lifting Tower and ideal complement for any kind of lifting task that has to be done in a limited working area for both outdoor and indoor use.

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It designed to lift loads of up to 350 kg up to a maximum height of 8 metres

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It is developed for holding heavy weights at a great height.

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Its user friendly, compact design and great strength, make the Lift an ideal complement for any kind of event.

load capacity :25kgs-----the adjustable height :1.6m--2.4m

load capacity :35kgs-----the adjustable height :1.8m-----3m

load capacity :65kgs-----the adjustable height :1.86m-4.2m

load capacity :230kgs----the adjustable height :2.06m---6m

load capacity :260kgs----the adjustable height :2.22m---7m

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This winch up tower-lift is a necessity when maximum lighting coverage and stage appearance, lifting lighting up high will drastically improve the lighting effects on stage. This tower-lift will work well with 290mm tri and box truss, drapes, backdrops and flying small line arrays.

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Features include steel construction, 5.4 meter maximum height, winch, large foot print, castor wheels and powder coated black. Perfect for use with most lighting brands and styles. Ideal for use in the following venue applications: schools, theatres, clubs, bars, conference facilities, entertainment venues, studios, home tuition and practice.