Answer for vacuum tube lifting unit HK customer request

Keyword:   Time:2020-2-27 13:21:45

I am writing to query for one unit of vacuum tube lifter for our customers.  After reviewing the offer and technical proposal in the following link.

Here are some questions which would like your further clarification. 

Question 1: Please confirm the stroke of  vacuum tube lifting unit can reach to 1750mm. As can be seen in the technical  proposal, the lifting height is 1300mm. It seems that the stroke cannot meet the requirement.
 The lifting tube length for working stroke 1700mm is about 2550mm, as you required, the jib crane height need to be within 2.85M, Then it is impossible to reach.

Question 2: As per requirement, the size of each suction pad shall be within 100mm x 100mm to 300mm x 200mm. But, your technical proposal indicates that the pads dimension was 120 * 320mm. Please confirm this requirement can be met.
 The suction cup of 120*320mm is standard parts, we can make customized cup for you, but the price is much different. Also, I don’t think that the operate will use machine to lift 300*200*5mm plate.

Question 3: About the Jib length, the length of the crane shall be between 3.8m and 4.2m. But in your technical proposal, the jib length is 3500mm. Please confirm the requirement can be met.
 Be sure that we can make arm length to 3.8M or 4.2M, also the price is different. Our aluminum rail is standard 6M, if 3.5M accepted, we can use the rest of 2.5M for other project, if 3.8M or 4.2M, the rest will be useless, pls understand

Question 4: Please advise the degree of protection provided by the enclosure of electric motors as stated in 3.6 of the attached technical requirement.
 We used Siemens motor for vacuum blower, its protection class is IP55.

 vacuum tube lifting unit1.gif

 Question 5: Please confirm the thermal classification of electrical insulation of electric motors shall not be lower than Class E to the latest edition of the standard IEC-60085 issued by IEC or equivalent standards.
 The below is all complied standard, here is no more standard about motor.

 vacuum tube lifting unit2.gif

 Question 6: Please confirm the warranty shall not be less than 24 months.
 We normally offer 12 months warranty, if 24 months necessary, then need extra cost for that


Pls note: as required,  the column length is 2.85M, minimum clearance of crane is 2.8M, I don’t know who can make the jib crane like this. 

   vacuum tube lifting unit3.png

 Here is our jib crane for low space, pls revalue if it is ok

vacuum tube lifting unit4.gif