Different capacity of Hydraulic Bottle Jacks made in china

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A hydraulic Bottle Jack is an excellent device with a central lifting ram that lifts out of the cylindrical body for easily and quickly lifting a heavy load but it is NOT designed for long term holding. If you plan on lifting a load and keeping it up for extended periods of time, say, overnight, you can use the Hydraulic Bottle Jack to lift, but for the holding you MUST transfer the load to a jack stand, railroad ties/cribbing, bricks, steel or other devices.

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A bottle jack is a hydraulic jack that is shaped like a small bottle and is capable of lifting heavy loads, in other words, It is a compact hydraulic piston that has the shape of a small bottle but the capacity to lift extremely heavy objects, including cars. It should always be used on solid, level ground for stability, When lifting heavy vehicles or other objects, great care and caution should be exercised.

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It is a type of jack that uses a hydraulic ram to lift heavy objects, such as automobiles and building foundations. They are compact and can lift objects efficiently and safety, making them perfect for use in the home or on-the-go, A removable handle allows the operator to raise the pillar with such ease, that anyone can lift a large vehicle.

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It is one of the most essential automotive jacks thanks to its ease of use, efficiency, and compact design. The tools can easily be stored in most vehicles. Furthermore, they are portable and come in varying sizes to suit most vehicles.

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Hydraulic jacks have a pump to force hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic cylinder, which forces it to extend. This action is what raises whatever load you place it under.

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Capacities from 2 to 100 tons are available, and are available in standard and low profile heights. The pump piston and ram are chrome plated for added corrosive resistance increasing durability. Each model functions in upright, angled or horizontal positions for increased versatility. Low-Profile Hydraulic Bottle Jacks have a short body to fit in low-clearance spaces. The handle pumps from side to side, requiring less vertical space than other bottle jacks.

Bottle jacks are a safe and powerful way to jack up your lifted truck, and RAMHOIST model is designed for both residential and commercial use. it is able to lift large loads with minimal effort and is designed to be super easy to use. This product is designed by personnel by utilizing modern technology and high-grade raw material in compliance with industry prevalent guidelines.

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A hydraulic jack works on the basis of Pascal’s law. A small force is applied on a smaller area of hydraulic fluid and that force generates some pressure in the fluid.  That pressure is then applied to a wider area at output so that adequate force is generated to lift the load.

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