Different capacity of Mechanical Jacks made in china

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The Mechanical Jack is designed and good for repairing vehicles, lifting trucks, railway maintenance, construction, mining, and agriculture. Compact design with collapsible lever offers easy operation to lift from head to toe at full capacity and simple maintenance. A self locking, anti-kickback operating lever reduces the risk of injury.

RATED CAPACITY  (t)1.53510162025
TEST LOAD (kn)18.436.861.3122.5196245306.3
CHAIN SHAKE TO LIFT FULL LOAD (N)150280280560640640640
STROKE (mm)300350350410320320320
MIN. LIFTINGF6070808595100110
HEIGHT (mm)H600730730800800860970
DIMENSIONS (mm)A163197189250275275350
NET WEIGHT (kg)13.521.228.546.8657591

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Product Introduction

The integrated carrying handle makes it a portable and versatile tool. The load can be positioned either on the head or the claw, and by turning the operating lever, the jack moves smoothly and conveniently up and down along the rack, the shaft moves up and down on the rack. The robust steel housing ensures a long service life, even in continuous use, The load is held securely in any position. Inside the load brake the axial brake pressure is generated by the load itself, thus, it is proportional to the size of the load. good quality,safe,simple,convenient. 

Mechanical Jack has Very wide and versatile range of applications to use it. Both vertically and horizontally. 

Manufactured from high quality steel. 

All machined parts are hardened. 

Safety Handle is collapsible. 

Load lock is provided. 

2x handles for easy transport. 

Wide base for extra stability. 

This Jack is specially designed according to the latest regulations on the safety. Suitable for lifting loads of any type on both the "toe" as the "head". 

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Standard features include: 

Folding handle, two carrying handles and a large base plate. 

Lifting and lowering speed is controllable. 

No seals to leak. 

Will not drift down even after an extended period of time. 

Since this jack features no seals or hydraulics, there is also no risk of leaking, and the jack will not drift down even while being in the hold position for an extended period of time. 

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It is also called Mechanical Machinery Jack, Mechanical steel jack, rack jack, manual mechanical jack, manual lifting jack and so on names. 

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Mechanical steel jack is designed by mechanical transmission principle, which is one of the best lifting tools used in repairing and supporting works, the lifting or downing speed is manpowered, means can controlled by worker. Manual mechanical jack with all steel structure, is safety when works, and durable for more than five years. And easy to perate, and simple maintenance. Rack jackare tested with 150% overload. And equiped with fixed claw., the handle can be folded which is easy for storage, operation and maintenance. 

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Mechanical lifting jack is widely used in factories, warehouse, dock, railway project, etc. Regarding the price list, please kindly feel free contact us. Professional service will get your satisfaction.

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Mechanical Steel Jacks are used to brace, lift, press or support almost any kind of loads. Mechanical steel jacks /steel lifting jacks can be used to lift many kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction as well as agriculture and rail industries. The integrated carrying handle makes it a portable and versatile tool.

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