Different capacity of Floor Jacks made in china

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A hydraulic floor jack can be placed along the frame and used to lift the vehicle for access to the undercarriage, or to keep the car off the ground when you need to remove a wheel, which is a necessity for almost any DIY auto repair.

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Hydraulic floor jack is commonly known as the tool or manually operated hydraulic lift for lifting vehicles like cars in order to change a tire or the car’s undercarriage, It can help lift automobiles and garden tractors, enabling you to work beneath the vehicle. 

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It is a handy device used to lift a car to replace a tire or perform maintenance work, It is a light but heavy duty device which requires only up to 12 pumps to lift any kind of vehicle up to 3 tons up to a height of 19.4 inches, which can fit under many low profile sports cars as well. 

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The physics involved in the operation of this type of jack are simple. Fluid pumps into a cylinder in small increments, which raises an actuator arm. Since it's difficult to compress fluids, the cylinder continues to provide a lifting effort until the arm extends completely or the pumping of fluid ceases. Adjusting a threaded saddle allows you to use the jack beyond the extension of the actuator arm. When raising your vehicle with a floor jack, position the jack correctly. Improper placement may damage your vehicle or cause injury. 

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It is used to lift vehicles from one side from the ground and with the use of floor jack we can do this easily as they use hydraulics. one of a few different types of jacks available and most commonly seen in mechanics garages rather than a boot of a car. 

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Image if you drive on the highway and suddenly your tire goes flat. At this time, if no floor jack, the only option left is to tow your vehicle back home with lots of money.

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Just place the jack on the ground, it is easy and safe to use but do always follow the manufacturer's instruction, It is easy to store and is definitely one of the best jack in the market. RAMHOIST supply differnet sizes and they lift weight according to their size.

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3-Ton Floor Jack should be used when you’re working on larger vehicles such as your truck, sports utility vehicles or any other full-sized vehicles. 

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They offer versatility in lifting different types of loads with efficiency and high-performance. Most of the jacks feature heavy-duty and industrial-grade metal construction for maximum power. 

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Hydraulic floor jacks are more dependable, easier to use and provide more stability than bottle or scissor jacks. 

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It is a robust tool that can lift heavy loads incredibly such as cars during tire replacement and maintenance work. Just like any other mechanical systems, this amazing tool is vulnerable to damages despite their sturdy structure. Learning the common problems including how to repair a floor jack that won’t hold pressure is definitely a must! It is a tool you will most likely find in any garage as it is one of the essential things to have, no matter if you are a professional or rookie when it comes to repairing a car.