Different capacities of Lifting Electromagnets made in china

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What are lifting electromagnets? The common circular lifting magnet is an encapsulated DC electromagnet usually available with easy to use mounting accessories. Usually large diameter lifting electro magnets transport steel scrap in scrap processing yard/foundries and they can handle tones of scrape continuously throughout the day.

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Circular lifting magnets are of robust cast and bolted or fabricated construction designed for handling Solid Slabs, Steel Ingots, Bloom Billets, Pig Iron, Light finished parts, Scrap and gives Maximum reliable, efficient and economical performance in the most arduous service condition.

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Round Electro Lifting Magnets(RELM) provide concentrated holding power and a deep reaching magnetic field to lift thick, ferrous items. RAMHOIST has high capacity lifting magnets which are very sturdy to meet toughest demands in service. The one piece of magnet body is cast from high-grade dynamo steel. Underneath, between centre and outer poles, the magnet body is closed by sturdy, cast and rib-reinforced non-magnetic austenitic manganese steel plate.

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Electromagnets, or magnets that use the magnetic field created by electrical current flowing through a wire, lie at the heart of many electrical devices, ranging from simple things like doorbells to complex machines like particle accelerators. The strength of electromagnets varies, but some electromagnets are strong enough to lift entire trains!

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They can lift steel more quickly and conveniently than any other mechanical device. Suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls, Pig Iron, Machine Chip, various kinds of metal and steel scraps, return scraps, baling scraps and etc in foundry factories and for iron powder in coal washer. They are used in metal working plants to hoist and transport steel parts, forgings, casting, plates, booms, channels, angles, rods and bars. They save time and effort because they can lift steel more quickly and efficiently than any other mechanical device.

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Circular Lifting Electromagnet are also called Electromagnetic chuck, crane magnet, steel scrap electromagnetic chuck, Scrap steel magnetic chuck, scrap iron electromagnetic chuck, Scrap steel magnet,Large tonnage magnetic chuck, Metallurgical magnetic chuck, Metal magnetic chuck, Waste magnetic chuck, Steel magnet, Lifting scrap steel with magnetic chuck, electromagnetic lifter

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Circular Lifting Electromagnet can have operating temperatures of over 200"C in the coil. They must also be able to withstand high pressure during heating. To meet these requirements we use the latest heat conduction materials, specially manufactured to our instructions.

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A circular electromagnet rigged to a crane was used to lift and release the crush test plate. The closing of this electric circuit causes through the lift of a lever arm of the electromagnet (B), on the point (k) so. 

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Circular Electro Magnet Lifters are in diverse industrial applications and are made available in precision designed finish so as to allow deep penetrating electromagnetic field to easily lift scrap as well as other diversified ferrous metal forms.

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They are designed to ensure protection and are double entry type that enable the leads from the coils that is sealed in a separate cavity. The outside cable is transfer through as gland into this second compartment that ensures no possibility of moisture entering the windings. We are engaged in exporting Circular Magnet for many years.

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These are utilized for lifting all kinds of steel materials. These are widely applicable in the lifting of scrap metal. Circular Electromagnetic Lifter is available in various dimensions as well as designs. It is preferred on account of attributes such as robust construction, durability, high magnetic strength and many more.

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