Different kinds of Crane Scales made in china

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Crane Scales are built to safely help weigh suspended loads in industrial environments. They connect to the end of a load hook and attach directly to the load being weighed. Models with wireless remote controls allow you to change units and clear measurements from a safe distance.

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They come supplied with a remote controller, rechargeable battery pack, spare battery and are equipped with a low battery indicator. They feature on/off, tare and hold functions and the operator can utilise the device in an automatic or manual mode.

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These flexible scale make it easy to measure suspended loads. Designed with safety in mind, each one features a standard remote control that allows operation at a safe distance. The rotating hook with safety catch ensures stability and keeps the suspended item securely in place.

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It is powered by an internal accumulator. There is no display available in the crane scale itself so the weighing data is wireless transferred to a remote control with a display and a printer with paper rolls for direct printing of the weighing values (as an option). It has tare and sum up functions for hopping.

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It a suitable choice for a broad spectrum of weighing applications. our heavy duty line of crane scales for overhead material handling and weighing applications for a variety of industrial settings. It is ideal for recycling and industrial waste applications, machine repair and rebuilding, shipping. It is widely used in warehouse overhead Cranes & Hoists, Gantry Cranes, Bridge Cranes, hiab \ truck and vehicle cranes, franna cranes, Jib Cranes. For use out in the open, out in the field, or in the warehouse \ workshop. It can be used for almost any type of hanging application. You can weigh engine motors or transmissions, fuel panels from planes, fish or other non-living animals, industrial parts or equipment, metal drums, and more.

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Crane scales are used to measure the weight of a load as it is lifted which are ideal for overhead material weighing, they are available as certified legal for trade in a range of capacities. RAMHOIST scales have been designed with a range of capacities and features to meet the demands of crane operators.

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They are made of high quality aerospace steel or heavy duty aluminum alloy steel, of either is designed according to the strictest safety standards. It is a dynamometer outfitted with equipment appropriate for suspended weighing, such as large openings in the shackles, or non-swivel, swivel or bearing swivel hook on the bottom. A Tension meter is simply a lever operated job specific dynamometer that quickly measures tension in overhead wires, guy wires, cable guardrails, etc.

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No matter under -20℃ in Alaska, USA, or 50℃ in Bombay, India. They always shows its stability and accuracy, Owing to our industrial expertise accumulated over time, we have established ourselves as a leading Supplier and Exporter in the industry.

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While Hanging scales are ideal for weighing items sold by weight. We have a variety of crane and hanging scales in different weight ranges for your needs. These robust, accurate hanging scales are used to check the weight of incoming and outgoing materials across a range of industries. Crane and hanging scales are ideal for commercial and industrial uses. Use them for measuring very heavy objects.

Hanging scales are a great choice when weighing items that are sold by weight, while our Crane Scales accurately measure the weight of loads as they’re lifted - typically by a crane, hoist, or winch - so they're perfect for manufacturing, metal yards, animal care or other industries that weigh heavy objects.

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When weighing suspended loads both cranes can handle all kinds of items including large shipping containers and commercial fishing nets from 25kg through to 10,000kg. Crane scales have larger weighing capacities than hanging scale models and are more suited to heavy industrial weighing in warehouses, factories and dockyards.

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Whether you refer to hanging scales or crane scales, they are mechanical or digital scales, essentially used for load measurement during lifting.

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We offer many types of scales uniquely suited to various suspended weighing needs. Both crane and hanging scales that are competitively priced with accuracy and reliability. Friendly and Free Technical Support to ensure the unit is installed and operating properly. Free Engineering and Product Design if required. ONE YEAR, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.