Different Models of Round Slings made in china

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A polyester round sling is a lifting sling that is made by wrapping a protective polyester jacket around a series of tough load-bearing polyester yarns. This design results in a superbly durable product that can be used to transport immense weights in a safe and secure manner.

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It is a cargo lifting sling that connects a load with the equipment. It is made with high-strength yarn, protected by a woven tubular jacket, and has a round profile. The jacket is protects the both the sling and the load from abrasion. It conforms to the load extremely well, and provides the best choker hold. Hook and load contact points can be continually rotated to extend the service life

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They are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fiber according to the EN-1492 regulations. Each one is covered with a double polyester woven jacket to protect the load-bearing fibers from damage. Because the load-bearing fibers never come in contact with the load, they are protected from cuts, abrasions and ultraviolet degradation.

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They are stronger and more wear resistant than web slings, these slings are made of cords encased in a sleeve. Roundslings are fabricated with high-quality, high-strength 100% polyester fibers. These fibers are encased in a seamless double-walled polyester jacket providing maximum protection to the inner load bearing fibers.

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A polyester round sling is a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way to lift a variety of cargo. Manufactured in the China from a continuous loop of polyester yarn, They are covered with a durable polyester fabric that is color-coded by capacity.  The seamless round sling construction and tubular design of the cover helps to eliminate the premature rupturing of covers.

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Roundslings are made using polyester load yarns and seamless tubing with no stitched edges to become snagged. Some round slings are manufactured using materials other than nylon or polyester; consult the manufacturer for the proper selection, use, maintenance, and any hazards associated with their use.

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These slings offer an exceptionally soft and easy-to-work-with rigging tool that grips the load without marring load surface. Our synthetic round slings are made of high strength, load bearing yarns and wrapped fabric cover, which gives less stretch value to more firmly grip your loads during overhead lifting. They are less likely to lock up on the load in choker hitches and have a longer life because load contact varies along the sling.

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They are an endless loop of yarns, covered by a woven tubular jacket. Our products can lift anywhere between 1 to 30 tonnes, so naturally the It is a preferable option if you have to lift a load exceeding 6 tonnes. They are a versatile lifting product that may be used in any industry, because of their strength and pliabilit, They are pliable enough and offer some protection to fragile and odd-shaped loads, they are lightweight, with superior flexibility, to conform to the shape of the load.

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They are also know as rigging slings, sometimes called dual path slings, are an alternative when web slings or nylon web slings are wider than 4 inches and 4 ply thick. Best of all they are color coded for capacity, making them easier to pick out in the field, They have a body made up of multiple wraps of polyester yarn so they do not choke lock, and the design allows it to adjust to the contours and hug a load better than other types of lifting slings.

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They offer the user the ultimate in lifting security and rigging ease, for safe use of them the sling should be protected on the anchoring point (shackles, pins, etc.) as well as the lifting appliance (crane hook). Slings should be protected from edges, friction and abrasion, whether from the load or the lifting appliance.

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Endless round sings are the most basic one that offers great versatility which are usually made up of polyester, It may be used in a vertical, choker, or basket type hitch. The surface can prevent the object wear and tear or scratch even it can lift the object that would be damaged. Polyester endless round slings feature a continuous loop. The design of the continuous loop allows the load contact point to change with each application. The alternating of load points helps extend the life of the round endless sling.

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They are a necessary piece of rigging equipment for any rigger. The endless slings are made of a polyester rope which makes these polyester round slings more flexible than nylon web slings. The flexibility allows the slings to be stored very easily and prevent locking on a load when lifting. Round slings are stronger and offer protection, while webbing slings have a higher stretch rate. If you want help in deciding if a webbing sling, round sling or another piece of lifting equipment is the right piece of equipment for your application, you can get in contact with us here.

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If a 200% load test is required on your slings please contact RAMHOIST prior to ordering, We are colour coded and feature stripes to easily identify the sling WLL. Each sling has an individual serial number, is proof load tested at manufacture and the test certificate is packaged with the sling.

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