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A fall arrester is a device that travels on a lifeline and will automatically engage or lock onto the lifeline in the event of a fall. In terms of equipment, fall arrest systems typically consist of an anchor point, full body harness, and a self-retracting lifeline. When used properly, this equipment coordinates with one another to catch someone mid-fall. 

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It is a type of fall protection system which comes which protects a person who is already falling from heavy injuries. It is particularly designed to protect the user in a potential fall situation and arrest the fall. 

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It is a technique using a collection of devices that allow authorised personnel working at heights to have maximum freedom up to the fall risk zone and arrests a fall when it occurs.

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It is a device that automatically blocks and stops on the vertical support when the user falls. The anchor line can be a cable (flexible) or a rope (twisted or braided). These flexible anchor lines must be weighted with a counterweight.

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Fall arrest is of two major types: general fall arrest, such as nets; and personal fall arrest, such as lifelines". The most commonly seen manifestation of fall arrest is the Personal Fall Arrest System, or PFAS  ("lifeline"). A personal fall arrest system is a series of constituents designed to arrest a worker's fall, preventing him from striking the next lowest level and minimizing the chances of serious injury.

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Personal fall arrest system means a system used to arrest an employee in a fall from a walking-working surface. It consists of a body harness, anchorage, and connector. 

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They are one way to protect workers from falls. In general, workers must have fall protection when they could fall 6 feet or more while they are working. OSHA requires workers to wear a full-body harness, (one part of a Personal Fall Arrest System) 

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A personal fall arrest system is designed to arrest a person’s fall from an elevated working-walking surface (roof, floor, platform, etc.), and consists of an anchorage (point of attachment for the fall arrest system), body harness, and connectors (devices used to connect the body harness to the anchorage system, such as shock absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline and associated snaphooks, dee-rings, carabiners, etc.).

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It is a personal fall protection system which prevents the user from colliding with the ground, structure, or any other obstacle during a free fall and limits the impact force on the body of the user during fall arrest. They are essentially a collection of equipment conforming to the required standards, used in conjunction with each other to ensure the safety of a worker whilst working at height.

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The system provides maximum freedom of movement for the worker; however, in doing so, it also enables the worker to reach a position where an accidental fall could occur. In the event of a fall, the fall arrest system ensures the worker will be caught before descending.

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The system using a friction type absorber which will arrest the fall should the primary lifting device fail. This makes it ideal for back up to lighting rigs, hospital lights, speaker systems and all other objects where the load is in the same place for the majority of the working day.

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All systems must also include a detailed rescue plan, rescue equipment and appropriate training for workers. A personal fall-arrest (PFA) system consists of a full-body harness (body belts cannot be used for personal fall arrest), lanyard with locking snaphooks, safety line and anchorage point. Fall-protection devices have to be inspected before each use. Look for wear, damage or deterioration. Check for broken or deformed snaphooks or D-rings.

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A personal fall protection system or its components subjected to impact loading must be removed from service immediately and not used again until a competent person inspects the system or components and determines that it is not damaged and safe for use for employee personal fall protection.. 

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Personal fall arrest systems need to be inspected prior to each use and damaged or deteriorated components removed from service. They should not be attached to guardrails or hoists. Personal Fall protection Systems Where employees are exposed to serious fall hazards, and protection by other means such as guard rails or nets are not used, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to establish a personal fall arrest program for fall protection. 

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All fall arresters shall be designed and marked in a way that ensures that they are used with a lifeline in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. (Clause 4.3.1) This is similar to the last update of the previous standard but it is now clearly stated in the Design Requirements section. Fall Arrest Blocks When working at height, fall arrest systems are an effective way of intercepting a fall and we offer safe, streamlined and ergonomic blocks you can rely on. Our original fall arrest blocks are made to be robust, reliable and predominately used in industrial environments.

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Fall Arrest Training provides guidance to those requirements and criteria for fall protection in construction and workplaces covered under 29 CFR part 1926. It is vital to note that the requirements of this subpart do not relate to employees making an examination, investigation, or assessment of workplace environment prior to the actual initiation of construction work or after all construction  work has been finished.

Fall Protection Systems is dedicated to providing the safest working environment for all of work force. Our professional efforts are committed to delivering the most “user-friendly, reliable solutions” for today’s fall hazards. Fall Protection Systems offers the most technologically advanced fall arrest and fall protection equipment available. Allied with fall protection professionals worldwide, We designs solutions for your particular fall protection application.

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As previously noted, correct selection of this equipment is vital. We offer complete range of fall protection solution including full body harness, safety belts, lanyards, energy absorbing lanyards, fall arresters, lifelines, rope grab, rescue & rope access, connectors such as carabiners, scaffold hooks & snap hooks.

Keeping in mind the high level of risks which people involved in construction work are exposed to.