Different kinds of Shackles made in china

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A shackle is a curved piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening.

Shackles are used in lifting or pulling and static systems as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain and other fittings. They have hold limits based on size. They are used as a secure connector that easily allow components to attaching and unattaching as needed.

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They are a primary means of connecting the parts of rigging systems on vessels and industrial cranes. They are used as a link in rigging systems that are used in boats, ships and industrial cranes.

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They are one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment in nearly every rigging, lifting, and material handling operation. They serve as a critical function of connecting various pieces of lifting equipment together.

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Shackles are primarily used for lifting heavy objects and equipment. Basic models are available for domestic and light use, such as for luggage and tow ropes, They are used as a connecting point between rigging and machinery. The capacity must equal or exceed the capacity of the other rigging equipment used.

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Because the pins are removable, they're used to make connections to slings, rope, cable, rigging hardware, chain, lifting devices, load cells, and other items to loads being lifted or pulled. They are one of the most used rigging fittings.

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Slings and shackles are invaluable tools for loading certain kinds of non-palletized cargo. If it cannot be lifted on a pallet or driven up ramps, it has to be hoisted using a crane, forklift, or other means. That's where lifting slings and shackles come in. You are going to need both to lift that cargo from the bottom. the shackle provides a strong, secure attachment point between the sling and the load being lifted.

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Each one is made of a durable and highly quality material ensuring a perfect connection to the sling, providing excellent reliability.

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In Both types of forging, shackles are put through a heat treating process, typically referred to as "Hardening & Tempering" to give the high strength steel materials Strength, Toughness and Ductility needed to obtain the required strength, Work Load Limit and design factor.

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It is known as a gyve, is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. A clevis shackle is a piece of rigging equipment that has two component parts: the clevis and clevis pin. The clevis is a U-shaped rod or bar of steel that has holes in the prongs. The clevis pin is a bolt that is inserted through the holes in the clevis and can be threaded or unthreaded with a cotter pin.

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In its simplest form, a shackle is a U-shaped piece of metal secured by a clevis pin, screw or bolt at its opening. The range in size from this extraordinarily large forged wide-body shackle capable of managing a working load of 2500 metric tons to these amethyst and gold shackle earrings, whose lifting capacity may not exceed one’s spirits.

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The most popular style is the anchor shackle, which has a bell-shaped curve to it, and the most common type of pin for this shackle is the screw pin, which simply threads into the shackle. Of all the shackles that fit this description.

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The Screw Pin Shackle design is ideal for a wide range of heavy lifting jobs. These ones are normally used in conjunction with a Wire Rope Sling or similar; Attaching and fastening a screw pin shackle is simple. Place the shackle on the load, then screw in the pin provided to create a secure connection. If you want an extra layer of security, you may be interested in our deluxe Safety Pin Shackles.

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They are a key component of any lifting and rigging setup. Having the right shackles can be the difference between a job running smoothly and having a whole range of different problems.

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Today we are concerned with determining what size shackle would be required to lift a specified weight of cargo when the cargo boom is at a specified angle to the horizontal. Two calculations and a vector diagram are used in the solution to this problem.

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We carry four types of shackles: Screw pin, Bolt anchor, Screw pin chain and Bolt chain.

In the category of steel fittings, We offers three basic types of rigging shackles: screw pin anchor, bolt type safety anchor, and screw pin chain.

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Our shackles are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, with many designed for specialized applications. With shackles forged or cast in Type 316 stainless steel, they are excellent for use in marine or other wet environments.

Choose from our selection of screw-pin shackles, safety-pin shackles, screw-pin chain shackles, and more.