Different kinds of Wire rope Grips made in china

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Wire Rope Grips are designed for use on aluminum, copper, and steel wire, which is a device used for griping, pulling and tensioning wire.

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They are heavy duty, precision machined gripping devices which are designed to grip wire rope from light loads to ultimate breaking loads. They are designed for use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor. They work on any lay wire rope. These grips will hold regardless if the wire is greased, dirty, wet, tarred, plated, etc. Each grip comes with a wide range of adapters and liners to grip different size wire rope.

Grips are designed to be used over a wider range of cable diameters. They are used for pulling up lines to tension only. Not to be used as anchors. 

Pull wire and cable while maintaining tension until the line can be permanently anchored. Use with stranded bare steel wire and cable in applications where marring can be tolerated. Clamps with spring-loaded jaws grip the cable before tensioning to aid proper positioning. The clamp with latch provides a more secure grip that prevents wire and cable from slipping out of the jaws. Warning: Do not use as an anchor.

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Pull the trigger by one hand and the wire rope grip will be opened easily and release instantly to quickly insert or remove wire. Specially designed for gripping a wide range of cables. 

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Wire Rope Grips are manufactured from drop-forged, heat-treated steel for excellent durability, They are forged of alloy steel with heat treatment, Forged alloy steel construction is durable yet lightweight. The rack has strong anti-tension with high occlusion strength. They are not easy to slide and deformation, yellow chromate finish protects grips from rust and corrosion. 

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Attach these clamps by running a wire rope through the jaws to create an attachment point anywhere along the wire rope. The eye is often used with a ratchet puller.

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These are ideal tools used to grip wire rope so it can be pulled, tugged, or dragged.  BUT they are NOT to be used for overhead lifting.

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It is also called cable grip, wire rope pulling grip, also known as "pork chops" due to their shape which are used for getting a "bite" on wire rope in the middle of the line. They work great for tensioning projects like zip lines, bracing cables and utility lines, just to name a few. They are typically connected to some kind of mechanical pulling unit, whether it's a cable comealong or a lever chain hoist. These types of pullers help you to achieve serious leverage and tension cable to your desired specification   

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This cable grip tool grip is used in various applications including general use in wire rope distributor warehouses, in the field with construction crews, in the field with construction crews, in mines-coal-silver-copper (used in conjunction with mining conveyors), and anywhere wire rope is used. Widely to be used in the power, communications, and general construction fields to pull wire and cable. 

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Aluminum Alloy Wire Grip For Conductor Automatic Come Along Clamp is suitable to tighten the Insulated conductors or adjust of sag. With high stength aluminum titanium alloy forging, the weight is light. The jaw part adopts a special texture processing so that It can firmly clamp the cable and does not hurt the inner core whether winter or summer. Aluminum Alloy Wire Grip For Conductor Automatic Come Along Clamp is used to adjust sag in the operation of erecting wire and sagging.

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Unlike traditional cable grips, these grips were designed to work easily with just one hand. The "trigger" design of these grips allows for total dexterity and easy manipulation so the wire rope pulling grip can be opened and installed on the line in just a matter of seconds, using only one hand. Heavy-duty design ensures these grips will hold up out in the field. 

One-handed operation thanks to "trigger" design--simply pull on trigger with one hand and the wire rope pulling grip will open easily and release instantly 

Extremely lightweight compared to conventional grip designs 

Specially designed to grip a wide range of cables, including copper cable, covered cable, tree cable, guy strand, EHS, messenger wire and wire rope 

Forged from alloy steel with a yellow chromate finish for corrosion protection 

Widely used in power, communications and general construction industries to pull wire and cable--use for line tensioning only, not as an anchor 

Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4” (6.35 m m) cable area. Has a swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw. 

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There are a number of tools and methods for tensioning high tensile wire. One method uses a cable puller (come-along) in combination with a tool such as this high-quality china made wire puller. The high tensile wire is placed in the jaw of the Grip. When used properly, the grip's smooth, V-groove jaw will not damage galvanized coating on wire. 

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Lightweight, especially economical grip Designed for working with solid and stranded bare wire from .08" (2 mm) to .20" (5.1 mm) Single "V" groove jaw Made in china,  All models are fitted with swing down safety latch as standard. 

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Convenient sized and special shaped pulling eyes to suit all brands of strap pullers. All gripping jaws are produced with new technology to increase jaw life. 

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WARNING: Before each use, clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage. When used on/near energized lines, ground, insulate, or isolate grip before pulling. Do not exceed rated capacity. Always match proper size and type of grip to application. Wire Rope Grips are to be used for temporary installation, not for permanent anchorage.