Technical details of Fixed Scissor Lifts 1.0-1.78 with Platform Size 1900*1500mm

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Fixed Scissor Lifts

Load Capacity1000kg
Lifting Stroke1780mm
Floor/StopsJogging control
Platform Size1900*1500mm 
Lifting Speed3-5m/min
Power InputAC Power  380V/50HZ/3Phase
Control Voltage24V
ColorBlue or Gray as required

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Convenient Design
     1.Pre-assembled structure makes easier installation.
     2.Small space occupation. The ground will be flat after the lift descend to bottom position.
     3.High precision and stable hydraulic drive system.
     4.Automatic leveling. It is automatically stopped when the platform reaches the target floor.
     5.Remote control is optional.(Option)
Safely    Device:Reliable
    1.Overload protection : Hydraulic unit with overload protection device. If overload, the hydraulic station automatically relief pressure and stop running.
     2.Emergency Stop : The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency.
     3.Emergency Lowering : The platform can be lowered down manually in case of power failure.
     4.Explosion-proof valve: The hydraulic system is equipped with explosion-proof valves, which can prevent the sudden drop of the platform if the oil pipe breaks.
     5.Safe sensor: When the platform declines, if it touch anything, it will be stopped, so it can protect goods or operators.(Optional)
Materials and components (Customer case, quote reference)
Main material200×100×5mm high-strength rectagular steel tubeShandong Steel
Table material16# U-steelShandong Steel
Chassis material16# U-steelShandong Steel
Table Surfaceδ 4mm diamond plateShandong Steel
GuardrailHeight 1000mm, 20*30mm square pipe 
BearingSF-2 high strength wear-resisting compound sleeveHRB
Axis pin45# round steel, quenched and temperedChangsheng
Electrical deviceOne integrated distribution box and command buttons, 24V safe operating voltage.DELIXI
Power unit380V/50HZ/3Phase   3kwAnshan Lisheng
Hydraulic cylinderΦ50/80 ×2Hebei Hengyu
Hydraulic pipe2-10-43MPa Double layer wire mesh structureHebei Hengyu
Hydraulic oil32#Aojin
SealingJapanese brandNOK

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Package detailedPlywood cases
Warranty12 months, apart from man-made fault

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