Quotation of 10T mobile dock ramp and 10 ton Dock Leveler

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2, Customer's Request:

Ten-ton Forklift Transportable Loading and Unloading Ramp:

Loading Capacity: between 10,000 kg to 10,500 kg

Total Estimated Weight: between 4000 kg to 5000 kg

Length inclined Section: between 8,440 mm to 8,600 mm

Overall Length: between 11,260 mm to 11,300mm

Overall set width: 2,260 mm +/-10%

Usable working Width: 2,060 mm +/-10%

Variation working Level Height (lower and raise) : 800 mm – 1,600 mm

Lip into the container: between 300 mm to 320 mm

Color: Blue, red, green or other recommended. Black or white color code is not acceptable.

Forklift Transportable: Built –In Side Rails Shall have Built-In Side Rails located on both sides of the ramp run the full length of the ramp to avoid accidentally driving off the side of the ramp.

Ramp Anti-Slip surface: Ramp Anti-Slip Surface: Shall have Anti-Slip Surface the full length of the deck of checked plate surface, or serrated steel plate offering superior traction for safer operation.

Built-In Side Rails: Built-In Side Rails: Shall have built-In Side Rails located on both sides of the ramp run the full length of the ramp to avoid accidentally driving off the side of the ramp.

Hinged Lip Plate: Shall have a heavy duty Hinged Lip Plate no less than 300 mm & no more than 400 mm long is attached by a full length seamless hinge fully supported & has a chamfered leading edge for a smooth & safe transition from a container or flatbed truck. The Hinged Lip Plate automatically compensated for the changing elevation of the truck trailer caused by the for –lift driving in & out & the payload weight change due to the loading or unloading process.

Hinged Tail Plate: Shall have a Hinged Tail Plate between min 1.5 m & max 2.0 m long & is located at the leading edge of the ramp. This feature helps to improve ramp stability by helping to compensate for uneven yard surfaces. Stability is further improved because the entire 1.5 m and 2.0 m of the Hinged Tail Plate remains flat on the ground regardless of the ramps height adjustment. This offers the benefit of a safer transition on & off the ramp.

Secure Chain: Shall have a Secure ramp to container connection with safety chain.

Fabrication/paint: Shall be built tough using glavanished box steel as first option or mild steel box steel second option with applicable support brackets & color coated paint treated to withstand frequent usage & harsh weather elements. Equipment will be stored outdoors and shall be finished withstand rusting

Supplied by RAMHOIST:















  1. Overall dimensions: 11200mm×2000mm×1400mm

  2. Forklift suspensive board: 2500mm*2000mm

  3. Leading board: 500mm* 600mm

  4. Junction: 400mm*2000mm

  5. Self-weight: 2800kg

  6. Moving model: pulled

  7. Adjusting: manual (electric control is optional)

  8. Adjustable height: 1000mm~1800mm


      1. Main girder: 160mm*80mm*5mm; Manganese steel rectangular tube.
      2. Vice-girder:120mm*60mm*4mm; Manganese steel rectangular tube.
      3. PLATFORM: Full paved by steel sheet and 8mm Checkered Steel Plate; 8 * 8 garland stencil, do anti-skid processing
      4. Hydro-cylinder: both way high precision anti-wear hydro-cylinder.
          Φ80 Φ50*2pieces with locking device for fall protection.
      5. Hydraulic Pipe: high pressure pipe with double expanded metal protected.
      6. Hydraulic Oil: 32# anti-wear Hydraulic Oil.
      7. Obturating ring: Brand Valqua Seal (import from Japan)
      8. Guard railing: 40mm*60*3mm steel rectangular tube  
      9. Tires: Solid tires 600-9 * 2pieces
     10.Color: optional. Painted by enamel paint (twice priming paint, once finishing paint)



1 unit

FOB china

4600 USD

Payment terms

100% T/T before production.

Lead time

15 working days after payment

Price validity

20 days


Ramp structure guarantee for five years, other parts guarantee for one year. (apart from man made faults)

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3, Customer's Request:

Container Ground Level Container Access Loading/Unloading Ramp:


Purpose Use: Designed to allow access into standard shipping containers that are located at ground level.

Capacity: 10,000 kg

Material: Anti-slip checked steel plate.

Estimated Weight: 600 kg – 700 kg

Transportability: Fork lift pockets 220 mm 230 m wide and portable from the ramp entry end

Width x Length X Height (mm): 220 mm x 1250 mm x 150/152 mm

Lip into container: Leading lip of approximately 70 mm +/-10%

Color: Blue, red, green or other recommended. Black or white color code is not acceptable.

Secure chain: Shall have a Secure ramp safety chain connection to the container corners.

Supplied by RAMHOIST:


Hydraulic Dock Leveler







10 Ton



     1. Platform size: 2000×2000×590mm

     2. Lip width: 400mm

     3. Adjusting range: -200~+300mm

     4. Control mood: AC electric power & hydraulic system

     5. Voltage: 220V, 50hz, 3phase

     6. Packing: plywood case


     1. Foundation: 120*60*6 high strength channel steel

     2. Hoist or lower the shelf: Square tube 60*120

     3. Platform pave 6mm Checkered Steel Plate and reinforced by 16# channel steel

     4. Hydraulic cylinder HSG cylinder

     5. Hydraulic pump station: 1.5kw, Lisheng brand in China

     6. Oil pipeline: 262Pa

     7. Hydraulic oil:50# Changcheng brand antiwear hydraulic oil

     8. Operating range:300mm above and 200mm below



1 unit

FOB china

2800 USD

Payment terms

100%T/T before manufacture

Delivery time

10 working days after payment

Price validity

30 days

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