Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-MT300/1

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Technical proposal for 
 Vacuum Slab lifter
 Model No. PPD-MT300/1

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your enquiry and pleased to offer on the basis of our general conditions of sale and delivery items as bellow:


Standard Vacuum Lifter         Model No. PPD-MT300/1                   1 set

Main components:

1. Vacuum Ejector: Airbest Brand,type ABM20L, vacuum flow 150L/Minite, Max vacuum level up to -92kpa, air consumption 55-85L/m, required air pressure 5 bar or above,

2. Single suction pads with buffer spring, mounted on the main frame, the pads size was 400*500, the pad designed in two vacuum chambers, each of them could be switched on/off by hand

3. An integrated safety tank with main beam and a Non-return valve to ensure a long keeping time in case power failure.

4. A “Red-Green” vacuum meter mounted in front of device.

5. A  3/2 way hand switch slide valve with safety lock knob used for manual controlling the “Suction-Release”,

6. A manual tilting unit with bearing for tilting from 0-90º by hand a spring lock mounted for vertical lock

7. An air control valve for switch on/off the compressed air..

8. A guide lever mounted on the suction pad

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
   Max. carrying capacity: 300kg at vertical (60% vacuum level)

 Spare parking rank optional
 Similar Drawings:

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 Price: USD 960.00
 Terms of Payment: NET before consignment
 Terms of Delivery: FOB china
 Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks after receipt of order