Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-PT500/3 (Tilting by pneumatic)

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Technical proposal for 
 Vacuum Slab lifter
 Model No. PPD-PT500/3


We thank you for your enquiry and pleased to offer on the basis of our general conditions of sale and delivery items as bellow:


Standard Vacuum Lifter         Model No. PPD-PT500/3                   1 set

Main components:

1. Steel frame: Good quality steel pipe of 60*60*6mm in stable welded and screwed as main beam, the Length of main beam was 1800mm, 50*50*5mm steel pipe as cross beam, and its length by 800mm

2. Vacuum Ejector: Airbest Brand,type ABM30, maximum vacuum flow 220L/Minite, Max vacuum level up to -85kpa, air consumption 87-125L/m, required air pressure 5 bar or above,

3. 3 of suction pads with buffer spring, the side cups sized 250*450mm, the middle cup sized 350*550mm, all cups mounted on the main beam, the cups made by aluminum alloy 6061T, with high flexible sponge rubber as sealing ring, suited for structured or scratched slab surface.

4. An integrated safety tank with main beam and a Non-return valve to ensure a long keeping time in case power failure.

5. A “Red-Green” vacuum meter mounted in front of device.

6. A 3/2 way hand switch slide valve with safety lock knob used for manual controlling the “Suction-Release”,

7. Two of air cylinders worked as tilting unit with bearing rotation unit for tilting from 0-90º, the control lever for tilting was sensible by human sense, the cylinder piston diameter was 100mm, maximum pushing force 315kg (compressed air pressure 4bar)

8. 2 of 2/2 way hand valve used for switch on/off the sides suction pads while small panels need to be handled

9. An air control valve for switch on/off the compressed air.

10. A guide lever with extractable in length from 650-1050mm

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
   Max. carrying capacity: 500kg at vertical (60% vacuum level)

 Spare parking rank optional
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   Price:  $1,800.00
   Terms of Payment: NET before consignment
   Terms of Delivery: FOB China
   Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks after receipt of order