User Manual For Vacuum Lifter PPD-MT500/3

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User Manual

Art No: SP-EX130250

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Thanks you for choosing Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd. The RAMHOIST series vacuum Lifter were well known by its good safety performance and reliability and won good reputation in market,  sincerely hope that our equipment would help you for solving all problems in handling and installation process
We will not take responsibility for any risks and damages which caused by all fault operations deviating from the instructions
Although instructions contain some specifications and parameters, we still reserve all right to modify the parameters in the future performance without inform.
Whenever you get trouble during the device using period, please contact us immediately, we are willing to serve you at any time:

Operation and Safety
1. Right working locations and usages
   The vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 was designed only for the dense materials which were flat shape, smooth or slightly rough surface. The loads must be within the weight limit and the surface of loads must be dry, non-sharp and flat, the pre-set safety vacuum level was 60%(-60kpa).

2. Descriptions for main parts

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China vacuum lifter 12-1.jpg


Suction pads


Switch valve for pads off /on


Suspension ear


Vacuum ejector


Tilting bearing house


Vacuum switch valve(sliding)




Compressed air inlet


Lock for guide bar angle


Vacuum meter

The PPD-MT500/3 series machines were designed in compressed air powered lifter with maximum loading capacity of 500kg, the machine used for conveying and mounting of stone elements or other dense materials, compressed air pressure must be kept 6 bar above during working process

3. Safety instructions
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif  The mark in this instruction shown with warning, the marked contents must be  carried out in accordance with the instructions, any contrary or fault  operation might caused people injuries or damage
   China vacuum lifter 14.gif The  mark in this instruction was shown with important guidance; the marked contents  should be carried out by instructed sequence and right operation process, any unapproved conducts might caused people injuries or damage.
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 must be used  as described in instructions and in accordance with the general safety regulations applicable in the workplace and in the country where the lifter would be used
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Always were steel-capped safety shoes when working with the lifter, depending on the workplace and the materials load, a hetmet and protective gloves may also be required
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Never leave the Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 on the ground directly, that may caused sealing rings damaged or tore rapidly
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Making a safety inspections and test for Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 before put it into use
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Do not use the Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 when the Low- air pressure indicate shown
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Make sure that the compressed air was clean and water&oil filter must be mounted before the air come into the machine
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Make sure that the compress air pressure keep stable and no less than 6 bar
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The user must be aware of the surrounding when use the machine with suspension devices like gantry crane, and must keep a general safety margin in case unexpected situations
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The user must calculate the air line length, make sure it must long enough for moving

   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Observe the compress air pressure meter to ensure the pressure keep 6 bar above
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Inspect the compressed air line if there are blowholes or leakage in the line
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 is only designed for dense materials handling
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Keep the loads surface in dry, clean, dust or particle surface may caused vacuum leakage

Lifting and Handling
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3, worked with other portable devices which might give rise to crushing risk, whenever lifting or lowering loads, it is important to ensure that there is no one in the area of risk where crushing may occur
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Never use the lifter until the enough vacuum level has been achieved, once the vacuum leakage detected, lower down the loads immediately, the user must make sure that the vacuum meter was in sight, and the pointer of meter must be steadily in green zone

   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Be particularly aware of the capacity limitations of machine, pls note, the capacity is reduce when the altitude rising
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Always keep the knob screws fasten before the work piece lifted
   Tilting and lower down
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The machine was designed in gravity tilting, different pads grab position would lead to different tilting degree, never try to change the tilting degree by hand or other tools
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif User must keep the under edge touched with ground or pallet while pursue a vertical stack, hanging vacuum release was always strictly prohibited

Control Model
   The Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 use hand sliding control valve for vacuum switching off/on, a spring nod lock to protect an expected release   

Safety Test (Before use)

  China vacuum lifter 14.gif The Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3, must be tested daily before use, this test must be carried out without loads.
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Very Important! Do not put the machine into use if any items of test not passed
  China vacuum lifter 14.gif Carry out the inspection to ensure that the mechanical parts of Vacuum lifter PPD-MT500/3 are not worn or damaged to such an extent that the safety of machine is compromised
   China vacuum lifter 14.gif Power Connection Check: Make sure the compressed air line was right connection
   China vacuum lifter 14.gif Vacuum leakage inspection: get thought the compressed air line to the air inlet, then switched on the hand sliding valve for vacuum through, after the machine reached to 75%, turn off the air switch, look at the vacuum meter, the allowed leakage in 5 minutes would be less than 10%. If the leakage is greater than 10%, check the condition of suction pads and all hose connection and tighten clamps again.

Working process
   Power Switch
   Rotate the power switch to working position, the power meter would show the battery content, do not use the lifter whenever Low-battery indicate shown
   Vacuum start
   Turn on the compressed air switch to “through”, the ejector start running, and keep the vacuum hand-sliding valve in “release” position, wait for moment until the pointer of vacuum meter come to green zone, which indicate the vacuum system reserved enough vacuum and prepared well for working

Picking up a load
   Place the suction pads on the surface of load, make sure the spring buffer of all pads have been compressed and all suction pads fully attached with loads, push the vacuum hand-slide valve to “suction” position, when the vacuum pressure reached to required vacuum;
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The air supply must be always in “through” position during work, compressed air line pull off during working process was strictly forbidden
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Make sure that the vacuum pressure always keep 60%(-60kpa) above

Convey of load
   After vacuum attaching of the load confirmed, move the load to the expect position by driving crane or other portable devices

Following points must be taken seriously
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Danger of injury by collision: Make sure that there are no people or objects in working area
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Danger of load falling: Never stay below the load
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif In case vacuum leakage detected, lower down the load immediately
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Never pull the hand slide valve to “release” position during conveying
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Do not switch off the vacuum until the load placed securely and not slide down
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Any handling operations were forbidden during load moving

   China vacuum lifter 13.gif The tilting must be executed more than two people,
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Ensure that there are higher enough for turning, the lifting height must more than half of the loads
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Uncontrollable tilting forbidden in the work
   China vacuum lifter 13.gif Some bands should be used to fasten the loads with machine for unexpected emergency

Maintenance and Inspection

  1. Vacuum ejector: as the vacuum resource, the ejector must be carefully maintained all the time. The surface of loads must be clear and dry, if the slough materials, the filter must be changed with fine performance, in case ejector blocked, disassembly the ejector and clear the nozzle with compressed air, corrosive cleanout fluid was forbidden to use for clearing.

  2. Suction cups: the cup was composed of sealing ring, background sliding-resistant rubber and aluminum body. Operator must inspect the sealing ring before put the machine into use, damaged the sealing ring will cause the loads fallen down after the load been elevated. The sealing joint should be beveled, glued by silicon adhesive, marked 704B.

  3. Filter: the cartridge in the filter was made by paper, water-wash will cause the cartridge badly damaged, use the compressed air to blow the dust and particles from the cartridge.

  4. Vacuum release valve: the manual valve designed in sliding valve with safety knob, to make the sliding easier and keep the O ring long life, the lubrication work was necessary regularly, normal solid lubricant oil will be ok for the work.


Inspection Item 


Operation Method


·Vacuum filterClean up the dust

·Air line connectionInspection the Connection if somewhere loosed


Every week



Every  Day

Open the cover of the filter, take out the core of the filter ,and blow it from inside to outside.

Tight  the loosed clamp


· Alarm SystemPerformance Examination


· Vacuum MeterPerformance Examination

      Every  Day


      Every  Day

Pull down the Manual Valve slowly, And watch the vacuum meter is fall to Red area  slowly, This time the Alarm will buzzed and lighting and push the Slide slip up slowly, when the Vacuum is in Green Area, the Alarm is disappear



· Every ScrewInspection some Screw had been Loosed


Every Week



Tight the loosed part


· Manual Slide ValvePerformance Examination

Every  Day


Pull down or push up the Valve, the Vacuum meter no response, and the suction also no response, this time should tight the connection screw of Slide Valve or change it .


· Suction PlateExamine the Visual Fault

Every  Day

Change the Suction if necessary

Trouble Shooting 

   Vacuum leakage:
   Check the sealing ring if worn or tore: change the sealing ring
   Formed surface: put the suction pads to flat position
   Structured surface: ask manufacturer for solutions
   Dirty surface: clear the stone surface
   Nipple leakage: tighten the nipple clamp
   Vacuum pipe leakage: change the broken pipe
   Low vacuum:
   Vacuum leakage: see last solutions
   Filter block: clear the filter