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Customer: Could you please quote the electric cart KPX-10T on batteries and rail wheels as can be found on your website with following link.
Please also quote also for the option with solid wheels, as I’ve seen on
For both cases, please indicate the circle in which the cart can turn.
The application is to move several pallets with bags of product (1.5 ton each) from the production to the storage area, all outside, and avoid man-driven forklifts.
Equipment should be confirmed to be CE approval (European certification).
Please quote for 5 units, delivered Dunkirk, France.

RAMHOIST: I assume you still have not install the rail and compare which one is suited for you best.
normally, price for batteries and rai wheels is cheaper than with solid wheels,  but not absolutely, we need to check the rail length and size.
so we need below information:
1) Cart dimension, Length? Width?
2) How many working hours per day? Work continuously?
3) Travel distance?
4) Car operates on the straight rail or curved rail? Rail has been installed? If yes, please provide the rail gauge? If not, we can provide rail&accessories for you and free offer the rail foundation construction drawing and free rail installation technical guidance. 

Customer: Please find answers below    
1) Cart dimension, Length? Width?  Long 11meter / wide 2.3 meter (size like a standard European truck)
2) How many working hours per day? 1 shuttle (2x 210meter/h time depends on speed of the shuttle).  Work continuously? No
3) Travel distance?     210 meter one way
4) Car operates on the straight rail or curved rail?   STRAIGHT (back and forth) Rail has been installed?  NO   
If yes, please provide the rail gauge? If not, we can provide rail&accessories for you and free offer the rail foundation construction drawing and free rail installation technical guidance.

RAMHOIST: Please check below:

KPX-10T Electric Cart 11*2.3*0.5m11470(USD) 5(units)57350(USD) 
P24 Rail24.46(kg/m)23(USD/M)420(Meters)9660(USD) 
All Rail Accessoriesjointbars, tieplates, screws, nuts, washers,bolts, etc.12(USD/M)420(Meters)5040(USD) 
Total Price72050(USD) 
       Price TermFOB China
       Payment50%T/T deposit in advance, balance 50%T/T before dispatch
       Delivery Time35 days after receiving your deposit
       Warranty Time12 months from the date of dispatch
       PackageCars&rails are packed by the tarp, accessories put into wooden case
       RemarkPrice will float with exchange rate and material price.

Brief Introduction--KPX-10T Electric Cart 
1, Specification
         Battery   180(Ah)*8 piecesWheel Diameter  350(mm)
         Cart Weight8(ton)Wheel Number  4(pcs)    
        Cart Size (L*W*H)11*2.3*0.5mRail Gauge  1435(mm)
         Working Speed20(m/min)Motor Power  2.2(kw) 
2, Working Principle
Cart is powered by battery that is installed inside or outside of cart. Battery supplys electricity to DC motor through electrical control system to operate it, start, stop, turn left, turn right, go forward, go backward, adjust the speed, etc.
3, Advantages
     a, Easy operation, low price, long service life, unlimited running distance
     b, Adopt the crane box girder structure, not easy to deform, load can up to 500 Ton
     c, DC motor has the advantages of stable start, big starting torque, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage and long lifetime, etc.
     d, Battery is very easy to put in/take out for charging outside, the charging time is about 6-8 hours, one full charge can make the cart run 3-5 hours continuously, the charging and discharging number is more than 1000 times. Free maintenance, Do not need to add the distilled water
     e, Intelligent charger can auto power off when battery is fully charged, the electricity meter on the electric control box can indicate the battery level and auto alarm to remind people to recharge when the level less than 20%
     f,Standard protection device: overload protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, etc.
     g, Can be used in high temperature, anti-explosion, flammable, ferry etc, bad environment  
     h, U frame, V frame, hydraulic lifting system, weighing device, optoelectronic switch, buffer device, etc, can be equipped as your request 
4, Standard Components
frame, ZG55 cast steel wheel, free maintenance battery, intelligent charger; Electrical Device: DC motor-reducer-brake three in one model, electrical control box, radio control, pendant control; Safety Device: emergency stop push button, sounds&alarm light, auto brake when power is off,etc.

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5, Production Process

heavy duty electric cart2.jpg

6, Application

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Brief Introduction-P24 Rail&All Accessories
1, Specification
P24 Rail (10m length)
                    Head       51(mm)            Height                   107(mm)
                   Bottom       92(mm)            Web                   10.9(mm)
                    Weight      24.46(kg/m)          Material                    Q235B
2, Q235B Material
                                                      1)Mechanical Property
           Yield Strength             235MPa        Tensile Strength                   375-460MPa
                     Elongation             26min        Hardness                   120-180HB
                                                      2)Chemical Composition
                      C 0.12-0.22                 Si                     ≤0.3
                      Mn0.30-0.70                 S                    ≤0.5
                      P                   ≤0.045                 Cr                    ≤0.30 
3, Rail & All Accessories Showing

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4, Delivery Showing

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