Technical Specifications for Vacuum Lifter BPD-RH12

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Technical Specifications for
 Vacuum Lifter

Version 2019

Model number: GlassBoy-RH12
 The Vacuum Lifter was powered by batteries without electric or compressed air input. A hydraulic cylinder used for tilting assistance. The machine had two vacuum pumps and dual vacuum circle designed for higher safety use.

Main specifications:

• Dual vacuum system

• Maximum carrying capacity 1200 kg

• One extension beam on both sides in length for larger panels

• 8 of diameter 400mm suction cups, 4 of them mounted on main frame, the other 4 cups mounted on the extension beams, unit cup force is 400kg, by 2.0 safety factor and 2.0 friction factor, the rated force was 160kg, the machine total capacity is 1280kg

• Quick release connector: all cups were plugged into vacuum distributor by quick release connectors, customer can easily move suction cups away at will according to the glass dimensions

• A hydraulic cylinder with Nitrogen air inside for tilting assistance

• Dual 24V vacuum pumps

• Suction frame(without extension beams): 1525x1000x1580mm

• Maximum frame length with extension beams: 3000 x 1000x1580

• Wired remote control for vacuum release, hydraulic tilting and rotating, maximum working range 30M

• 2 of manual vacuum release valve used for emergency or maintenance purpose

• 2 of vacuum pressure switch used for low pressure alarm

• 2 of High volume DC battery, DC12V, 16ah

• Battery charger of AC110-230V input, 10Ah


Main components:

1. Suction frame: the frame will be made by steel, with 4 of bearing swiveling joints, the load beam could be self-adjusted by glass shape and moveable along the frame forth and back, the maximum frame length 1600mm, with 4 of extensions arms on sides, the extension length was 650mm, mounted on main frame by quick-plug shaft, and fastens by screws. The machine was total 3000mm on length, and width of 1000mm

2. Vacuum Pump: 2 of vacuum pumps, Vacutronics Brand, type CV-H835, 35L/Minute, 12V DC, 60w, Max vacuum level up to 85%

3. 8 of suction pads of dia.400mm, 4 of them fixed on main frame and others fixed on extensions, the cups on extension arms have quick connector for vacuum circle, which allowed cups easy extracted from main frame, all cups mounted on the load beam by quick pin, 4 of spring buffer can reduce the impact force to glass, unit cup rated force was about 320kg for horizon handling and 160kg for vertical handling, the machine total suction force is 160*8=1280kg

4. Each of vacuum circle was composed of the below components:

• An independent safety tank and a Non-return valve to ensure a long keeping time in case power failure.

• A “Red-Green” vacuum meter mounted in front of device.

• A Digital vacuum switch to detect the vacuum level and adjust the vacuum level by button.

• A special-made 3/2 way hand switch valve used for manual controlling the “grab-release”,

5. The device has an integrated warning unit EW0 with acoustic signal. It runs by battery, In case the vacuum drops below 60% a howler starts.

6. A mechanical tilting unit with spring locks for the panel from 0-90º manually.

7. A mechanical tilting unit consisted of slew bearing and spring locks for endless rotation in vertical, the lock positioned every 90 degrees

8. 2 batteries of DC12V, 16Ah which used as power supply, a charger of 110-220V equipped for the lifter

9. A hydraulic cylinder, used for tilting assistance, the manual valve could lock the vertical degree, the cylinder has a chamber which contains nitrogen air which can help operator easy tilting machine from horizon to vertical

Vacuum Lifter 1200KG with 12 cups1.png

Vacuum Lifter 1200KG with 12 cups2.jpg

Site photos:

Vacuum Lifter 1200KG with 12 cups3.jpgVacuum Lifter 1200KG with 12 cups5.jpg

Vacuum Lifter 1200KG with 12 cups4.jpg


Price: FOB china



Unit  price


Total Price

1.BPD-RH12, without tilting assistance2910 US $/unit


BPD-RH12, with tilting assistance

3720 US $/unit





Package included
   Customs excluded
   Leading time: 4 weeks after official  order accepted


Customer: It must be 5x2 m frame for safety lifting, tilting and rotation functions, 5x2 m frame with 12 cups. Better with 16 cups 

RAMHOIST: 3.5M main frame, 750mm extension frame on each side, The width is no problem, 12 cups are enough

Customer:  You offered hydraulic solution. Is it possible the electric powering?

RAMHOIST: yes, AC powered, with remote control, 6800 USD/unit (FOB china), below are photos for reference:

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)1.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)2.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)3.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)4.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)5.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)6.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)7.jpg

Vacuum Lifter (AC powered, with remote control)8.jpg