Technical proposal for Vacuum Lifter EasySwiftMini-ESM35

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Technical proposal for
 Vacuum Lifter

Lifter Profiles:
 The ESM series lifter was designed as one-hand operation, quick-swift handling machine for materials below 35kg, like carton box, sacks, panels and other materials, it feature the control model like “trigger”, and the functions like gripping, up&down and vacuum release, all controlled by one finger, sourced from powerful vacuum pump, the operator can finish the handling work with fingers with easy.

• Main performance:

Capacity: 35kg for semi-porous materials or 40kg for dense materials
Power: 330-440V, 3phase, 50-60Hz
Up&Down: Manually
Control model: trigger-like controlled by finger
Maximum lifting height: 1500mm
Rotating: 360º endless rotating

• Main Feature:

One finger control by “trigger-like” lever
 Quick griping and releasing
 Power lost protection
 According to EN13155&pr-EN13105-1&Pr-EN13105-2
 Different suction cups for multiple applications and materials handling

Main components:

1. Vacuum Pump: Becker GmbH, model VT3.60, power supply 380V-440V, 50-60HZ,1.3KW, maximum  vacuum flow 60cbm/h, maximum vacuum pressure -85kpa

Vacuum Lifter EasySwiftMini-ESM35-1.gif

2. Lifting tube: diameter 120mm, tube length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm, maximum loading 35kg for semi-porous

3. 4 of diameter 100mm bellow suction pads for carton box, the yoke dimensions was by 350mm*300mm, mounted on the control housing by flange

4. A special designed joint offered rotating-free on suction frame which make the suction frame rotated horizontally for change side

5. A ball bearing integrated upper rotation jointer with single way valve to prevent the goods falling down in case of power lost.

6. A trigger-like control unit for up&down and release, it featured by two working layers, the first layer control the up and down, the second layer offered quick release and separated form loads

7. A metal vacuum filter mounted on the pump to keep the air clean.

8. 8M vacuum feeding pipe of Diameter 32mm for vacuum connection

9. An electric control box mounted on the column

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
   Max.carrying  capacity: 35kg for semi-porous
 Similar drawing:

Vacuum Lifter EasySwiftMini-ESM35-2.gif  

Similar applications: 

Vacuum Lifter EasySwiftMini-ESM35-3.jpg

Vacuum Lifter EasySwiftMini-ESM35-4.jpg


 1. Silencer box for blower
 Stand jib crane
 Maximum loads: 75kg
 Total height: 3500mm
 Working height: 2800mm
 Jib length: 3000mm
 Jib model: 160*160 square steel pipe
 Sliding track: aluminum alloy
 Rotation degree: 270°
 Loading slid trolley: 1 piece
 Cable connection slid trolley: 3 pieces


  Quotation: FOB china
   Standard vacuum lifter                     USD 3400
   Package included
   Leading time: 2 weeks after receipt of order
   Terms of Payment: 50% down payment, NET after BL