Magnetic Lifters PML-1000 and PML-3000 adapted for use in subsea robotic vehicle

Keyword:Magnetic Lifters   Time:2020-10-24 8:29:32

Customer: On our new projects, we would like to use two of your Magnetic Lifters PML-1000 and PML-3000, and I need to develop support to use it on a subsea robotic vehicle. This way, I would like to ask you, one representative model, if possible, of these two mentioned models to know exactly the position of the external subcomponents and their dimensions (bolts, round bars, and other external parts). Could you please share with me this information?

RAMHOSIT: one thing need to conform: the Magnetic Lifters is opearated by hand (levered by hand), of course it does not matter use in subsea, but does the robotic vehicle has enough strength to opearte?    

Customer: Yes, it will be operated by ROV Hand. Please see below one representative image of one of our ROVs.

 ROV Hand.png

We are considering to adapt your product by using a handle and one plate, something like the photo below:
Magnetic Lifters.png

I believe the vehicle will have sufficient strength, I'm considering do some changes in this initial model, I just want to know the elements positioning to manufacture rightly the plate adaptation, we are considering to buy the PML-1000 and PML-3000 models and adapt it. Is possible to share one model that contains the external components with more information about the positioning and, if possible, the diameter? If not, if you have only the positioning and dimensional information in one 2D representation, I can adapt it to my drawing, and it will help as well.

RAMHOSIT: Measurement of Permanent magnetic lifter PML 1000 and PML 3000 

Measurement of Permanent magnetic lifter  PML 3000 CAPACITY IS 3 TIMES OF THE WEIGHT.jpg

Site photo of Permanent magnetic lifter for your reference

Permanent magnetic lifter 3 TIMES OF THE WEIGHT (chrome plated).jpg

Customer: About the measurements, thanks for your willingness to help us, your external dimensional information helped me a lot, now I only need minor details to end the reference drawing. Could you please share this information with me? I only need to know the diameters Ø1 and Ø2 from the activation lever, and the position d1 and d2 and Ø3, of the right stop pin.


Extra Measurement of Permanent magnetic lifter  PML 3000 CAPACITY IS 3 TIMES OF THE WEIGHT.jpg