Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter

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Technical proposal for
 Auto-drive Vacuum tube lifter

 Model No. AD-ESL160/30

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 The machine was made of 3 parts, including electric driven forklift, double armed foldable crane and vacuum lifter, it designed indoors materials handling. The machine featured as mobile lifting device without cable connection, special designed rubber roller with double arm foldable crane offers low-space required and high working stroke, the machine movement and vacuum pump were powered by DC 12V battery, with different suction cups for multiply work pieces handling.

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifMain Specifications:

1. Maximum load: 50kg (Motorcycle-like control lever)

2. Maximum lifting height: 1700mm

3. Driving Power: DC 24V

4. Driven unit: the back wheels driven, the unit power was 700W

5. Brake for driving: electromagnetism brake

6. Vacuum pump power:DC24V, 2.5KW, motor rotation speed 1750RPM

7. Wheels: Driven wheel on rear was diameter 250mm, the front wheels were Dia.80mm.

8. Front wheels distance: 1000mm

9. Power source: the machine could be powered by batteries and AC 220V for charge and emergent use.

10. Batteries: 12V,110A*4

11. Crane: dual arms, foldable crane, with magnet lock for spare time

12. Maximum working period: continuous driving 5 hours by batteries

13. Dimensions: see the dimensions drawing

14. Charging power:110-220V

15. Charging time: about 8 hours

16. Vacuum lifting tube :diameter 160mm

17. Maximum driving speed:5KM/H

18. Maximum climbing: 15% without loads

19. Maximum steering degree: 40º on each side

20. Arm swiveling degree: The first arm swiveling degree 360º, the second arm swiveling  degree 180 º

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifMain parts in Auto-driving forklift assembly

1. Elevate frame: single elevating guide structure, maximum lifting height 1500mm

2. Driving unit: single wheel driven, wheel diameter 250mm, the driving motor power 700W

3. Counter weight: totally 160kg

4. Extractable legs: 2 of extractable legs with screwed rod for prevent side falling

5. Steering handle: integrated with accelerate roller, emergent stop, an approaching sensor inside of the handle to activate driving motor and release brake.

6. Front wheels: solid tyres, diameter 80mm, made by PU

7. Connected with foldable crane by flange

Picture show steering handle

 Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter2.jpg

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifMain parts in foldable crane:

The foldable crane will fixed on forklift by screws

1. swiveling arm: made by 80*80 square aluminum pipe, the first arm length 1300mm, the second arm length 1200mm

2. Lifting tube support roller: made by aluminum with rubber covered, the roller was diameter 360mm, with limiter to keep the lifting tube lock in its working position

3. Magnet lock: one of electro-magnet to keep the foldable crane locked while machine in drive or spare time

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifMain components for vacuum lifter:

1. Vacuum Pump: composed of pump stage and motor stage, the pump stage came from Becker KVT 3.80, the motor stage was AC24V powered and brushless motor, with speed regulator to set the suited speed and air flow, the motor power 2.2KW, maximum motor speed was 1750RPM, maximum air flow 72cbm/hour, maximum vacuum level  -92kpa.

2. Vacuum lifting tube: diameter 160mm, total length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm.

3. A specialized sack suction pads of 230*380mm, directly mounted on the control house

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter3.jpg

4. A Non-return valve integrated upper rotator offered 360º rotating endlessly, also ensure slow descend in case power failure.

5. Vacuum filter mounted on vacuum pump to protect pump damage by particles

6. A special designed control lever called “brake-like” for lower, grip, lifting and release.

7. Vacuum feeding pipe: diameter 53mm, PC materials and steel wire inside

8. Power Switch box with battery charger, the charge was wide voltage adaptor from 110-220V, maximum charging current 25ah

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifDrawing:

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter4.png

Auto-driven vacuum tube lifter6.gifApplications

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