Hydraulic Bottle Jack Import from Bangladesh

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Customer: Glad to know about you from Website. We are regular importer of Hydraulic Bottle Jack in Bangladesh. We have good sales network and financial backing to make good volume import regularly.
Please update latest best price for Hydraulic Bottle Jack:
3Ton, 5Ton, 8Ton, 10Ton,  20Ton, 32Ton, 50Ton Capacity
Please confirm with full details specifications (Weight, Lifting Height, Bucket strength etc)
We import like Rear view Mirror, Steering Wheel Cover and Auto Lamps, Bulbs & many other parts other than Bottle Jack from China
Our payment: TT and LC
Qty: Min 30,000Pcs Per Year
Looking forward to your best offer


2/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 3Ton  5.00
4/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 5Ton5.07
5/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 8Ton  6.80
6/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10Ton 8.06
9/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20Ton12.79
10/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 32Ton14.63
10/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50Ton28.00
Customer:Thank you
Please mention Mini and Maximum lifting height and Net Weight of Each Jack. Also please send Photo of your Jack and Box


Technical parameters of Hydraulic Bottle Jack.jpg

pls check the photos in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1894.html

Customer: thank you

Weight is low in terms of price. Our required Net weight is like:
5T- 3.8Kg Min
8T- 4.2Kg Min  
20T- 8.5Kg Min  
32T- 11.00Kg Min  
20T we are buying with this weight at USD10.70

5T- 4Kg   6.92 USD/unit
8T- 4.5Kg 7.85 USD/unit
20T- 9Kg    14.62 USD/unit
32T- 12.5Kg  20.77 USD/unit

I assume you buy several month ago, in that time, the rate for RMB againt USD is very high, now it is very low.

Customer:  Absolutely high. We are buying at much cheaper 

RAMHOIST: from China?

Customer:  Yes, Off course. In Haiyan and Jiaxing Area

I am buying Since the Year 2008 and till now from many shippers there

RAMHOIST: May i know your target price with our weight? if with same quality, others can do then we can do.

Customer:  Kindly check our Target Net Weight and Price:

5T - 3.8Kgs Min Net Weight - $5.50/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai
8T - 4.2Kgs Min Net Weight - $6.20/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai  
10T - 4.7Kgs Min Net Weight - $6.80/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai  
20T - 8.5Kgs Min Net Weight - $11.00/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai  
32T - 11.00Kgs Min Net Weight - $15.50/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai  
50T - 19.00Kgs Min Net Weight - $24.00/pc FOB Ningbo/ Shanghai    

RAMHOIST: Sorry, we can not deal with you target price, the price should be several years ago