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2019 Hot Sale Professional Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine

Customer: Hello, does it come with the wrap as well? And is it compatible with any type of shrink wraps?

RAMHOIST: Basic parameters of packaging materials:
Stretch film properties: LLDPE pre-stretch stretch film/resistance stretch stretch film (in line with corresponding industry standards)
Stretch film width: 500mm  (normally this)
Inner diameter of stretch film roll: φ76.2 mm
Stretch film thickness: 0.020mm-0.035mm
There are 5KG/roll, 10KG/roll, 15KG/roll
Normally the film do not come along with the machine, we can send you one roll if you need. 

缠绕膜宽度: 500mm
缠绕膜卷内径:φ76.2 mm
缠绕膜厚度: 0.020mm-0.035mm) 

Customer:  I would like to know how much would it take for delivery to Singapore inclusive of tax etc. Also, how do we go about maintenance for this equipment? Thank you.

need to know your load, size and height then we can design for you accordingly
pls check the case in this link: